Burning Cash: Three-Story Cryptocurrency Ranch Destroyed In Fire

There are a great deal of aspects at play in the current shortage of graphics cards: greater demand for PC upgrades, a manufacturing problem, scalpers inflating second markets. But probably none are a lot more reviled by gamers than cryptocurrency miners, that repurpose tools previously made use of for home entertainment to attempt and rotate electricity into speculative cryptographic gold. Recently gamers reached delight in a little bit of schadenfreude, as a believed crypto mining farm in Thailand ruptured into flames.

No one remained in the building when the three-story information center in Chiang Mai ignited on December 3rd and the blaze was rapidly had by firemans prior to it can spread to close-by structures. However, according to ChiangMaiCityLife.com, 72 web servers were destroyed in the fire, hardware worth an estimated two million baht (about $60,000).

While the preliminary report does not determine the web servers specifically as crypto mining computer systems, eagle-eyed internet customers discovered that the burned-out husks of the servers in one picture seem a mix of purpose-built ASIC miners as well as GPU-based mining gears. It isn’t clear what started the fire, though loads of web servers in close proximity, crunching numbers and also generating substantial quantities of warm looking for commoditized pseudo-currency, are most likely high on the list of suspects.

Cryptocurrency mining uses high-powered computer system devices to both verify the transactions of existing “coins” as well as create brand-new ones in a decentralized system that depends on cryptography rather than standard financial institutions. Bitcoin and also various other cryptocurrencies are often criticized as just commoditized means of storing wealth as opposed to practical alternatives to existing currency systems and the enormous quantities of electrical energy needed to maintain these systems running and also producing speculative value is ending up being an environmental problem.

Let this be a lesson to gamers and also crypto miners almost everywhere. Proper air flow as well as cooling is crucial for your computer’s efficiency as well as the continued security of whatever structure it occurs to be in.

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