Google gets rid of one of the most essential backup attribute from Photos app

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Google has actually apparently made some modifications to the back-up function in the Photos app. The feature modification is related to video backup in the app. AndroidCentral has actually reported that the search engine giant has actually removed the choice to exclude video clips while taking backup over a cellular connection.

The firm has actually not made any type of main statement concerning the change. The attribute earlier enabled customers to stop Google Photos from supporting videos on mobile web connection.

This means now there’s no other way for users to avoid video back-up as well as prevent it from eating a large portion of everyday information quota available as a part of the plan. The majority of connections today supply unlimited data, but there’s a certain everyday information restriction like 1.5 GB or 2GB, post which the rate decreases.

Before this, the Photos app offered a different option for backing up images and also video clips as well as also had the alternative to backup videos only when Wi-Fi is attached. After the recent changes, a new function has been included that enables individuals to set day-to-day backup restrictions for the mobile network, however not for videos as well as photos independently.

The function is reportedly a system-side upgrade and might reflect for all in the coming days. Nonetheless, this modification will definitely raise the cost of backing up photos and also videos on Google Photos particularly when there’s no Wi-Fi connection readily available.

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