Wordle Answer 297: April 12, 2022 Word Solution


The Wordle answer 297 has been revealed for April 12, 2022. Today’s answer shouldn’t be too difficult to work out, though it does contain a rarer letter that might stump some players. Need a tip? Today’s word features two vowels, one in position 2 and one in position 4. Still require assistance? Read on for the Wordle 297 answer.

What is the Wordle answer 297? (April 12, 2022)

The Wordle answer 297 is “ROYAL.”

“ROYAL” as an adjective means “having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family.” As a noun, it means “a member of the royal family.” (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

While “ROYAL” doesn’t include duplicate letters, the rare “Y” could cause some problems, along with “L.” Thankfully, the “O” and “A” vowels should be easy to track down as most starting guesses include plenty of vowels. Ideally, the “R” and “L” will be tracked down quickly, which should make guessing the word, even without the “Y,” that bit easier.

Those having trouble hunting down the right word should try and use all of the available guesses to knock out as many letters as possible. Provided you aren’t playing on Hard Mode, which forces players to use confirmed guesses in all following attempts, it’s best to use each new guess to eliminate as many potential letters as possible.

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