Today’s Wordle 326: Answer, Clues, Hints (May 11, Wednesday)

Wordle answer for March 14, 2022 We are sure you have taken your chance at the field and excelled. Congratulations, anyway! Let's just cut to the chase, the answer for today's Wordle is SMELT. Wait, don't leave just yet. Come to us tomorrow for Wordle 269.

A new word is revealed on the Wordle site every day and it’s the same for everyone. Check out today’s Wordle clues, hints, and answer here!

How To Play

Many people are getting caught up in the frenzy surrounding Wordle; which has only been active for less than a year and started gaining popularity in December 2021. In many ways, the concept is similar to those of other well-known logic games. Words must be entered into a five-letter slot provided by the game.

Generally speaking, Wordle follows the Scrabble rulebook when it comes to terms that are allowed to be used in the game. Different colors will be used to indicate whether or not the letters are in the proper location or were incorrectly placed after that. After a few moves, you should be able to figure out the answer.

Wordle Clues / Hints

  • a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.
  • It has 2 vowels: 2nd and 5th letter
  • Scroll down for the answer!

Best Words To Start


Why is it so popular? 🤔

Wordle’s social feature, together with its user-friendly design, simple concept, and short playing duration, may have been what gained so much interest.

Sharing the game on Twitter or other social media platforms without affecting the response of other players is easy because of the game’s ease of access, which makes it easy for Wordle aficionados to bring their friends and family into the fold.

In addition, Wordle has attracted a thriving online community of players who share their answers, utilize bots to make the game more efficient, and offer tactical advice to those who want to outdo their buddies.

Wordle Answer: FARCE

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