Today’s Wordle Answer (June 18): Puzzle 364 Hints, Clues, and Solution


Relieve the pressure and take a peek at today’s Wordle answer for June 18.

We’re on puzzle 364 and on the eve of Wordle’s first anniversary one of the most difficult words we’ve seen has come up for you to solve.

Not only are we dealing with a niche word that some players may not be familiar with, but one that can have different spellings too. There’s no shame in needing some extra assistance with this one, since it is so hard.

Your goal as ever in Wordle is to reveal the hidden 5 letter word with just 6 guesses. Correct letters you uncover turn either orange or green, with orange letters needing to be moved to a different spot in the word to find their rightful home. Green letters however, provide vital information on what to guess next since they are already in the correct place.

As well as the solution and a list of recent Wordle words to get you started, we’ve also come up with some useful hints and clues to aid your guessing..

Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Whether you take on the Wordle challenge before breakfast, during your lunch break, or as you settle down with supper, sometimes it can pay dividends to think with your stomach as well as your head.

The solution to this puzzle is a pretty obscure food ingredient that can have multiple different spellings, so here are a few other hints to help you out.

Your clues are:

  • The answer contains 3 vowels, 1 of them is the same letter repeated twice
  • The consonants are the same letter repeated twice
  • The answer is one of the main ingredients in chocolate

    Today’s Wordle Answer June 18

    The Wordle answer today is cacao.

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