Today’s Wordle Answer for June 22 (Puzzle 368) – Hints, clues, and solution


There’s no more need to struggle thanks to today’s Wordle answer for June 22.

Puzzle 368 falls on a Wednesday and although it’s a very common word it could be tough to figure out due to some irregular vowel placements and a couple of uncommon letters.

Picking up unusual letters is tough, since you only have 6 guesses to unveil the hidden 5 letter word in Wordle. The only clues you get are from how correct letters light up when you find them. Green letters give vital information about what to guess next since they’re already in the right position. Orange letters however need to be rearranged into the correct slot.

To aid your journey towards the solution, we’ve also listed some recent Wordle answers to give you some ideas and let you know what has already been used. We’ve also come up with a few hints to jog your thinking if you’re stuck.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Sometimes in Wordle you just have to make the best of a bad situation. But when the worst case scenario happens, there’s no shame in getting some assistance.

To turn a horrible situation into a good one, here are a few hints to help you on your way.

Your clues are:

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