How to change font size on your iPhone?


iPhone prides itself in being the best in the industry for offering accessibility features. These features are designed to aid you in interacting with the phone. For instance, a voice guide that tells you what is on the screen. One of the most-used features is font size customisation. Some people like small fonts, while some prefer larger ones. Remember those jokes about your parents and grandparents whose phones amusingly look like hoarding? Because the fonts are too large for us. But jokes aside, it is sometimes necessary to use a proper font size.

If you have an iPhone and want to change the font size, you could do it quite easily. Fun fact: Before iOS 15, it was not very easy to change the font size on iPhone. That is no longer the case. Apple now lets you choose various sizes for the font on your iPhone, even though changing the font is still not easy. Here is a simple guide.

If you have been wondering how you can change the font size on your iPhone, here is a quick guide that you should follow.

How you can change the font size on your iPhone

— Go to your iPhone Settings

— Now, go to the section that says Display & Brightness

— Here, you will find the option of “Text Size” that you have to tap

— The next screen will show you a predefined text and a slider on the bottom of the screen

— Drag that slider to see the text on the top portion change in size

— Choose your preferred font size and navigate back

There is an alternate method that you can use. There is a Control Centre shortcut to change the font size. Here is how you can use that.

— Go to Settings on your iPhone

— Scroll down to find “Control Centre” and tap it

— You will see the option to “Access Within Apps” either turned on or off

— Turn it on to access the Control Centre option inside an app

— Scroll down to find the subheading “MORE CONTROLS”

— Here, you will see the option of “Text Size”

— Tap the green plus sign next to it to add it to the Control Centre

The option to change the text size from any screen is now enabled. Just tap it from the Control Centre to change the font size. Your iPhone will also let you choose if you want that size for “Settings Only” or for “All Apps.”

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