Best Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machines

Anti vibration pads for washing machines

Are you tired of your washing machine shaking and moving across the floor? The best anti-vibration mats and pads can help.

Washing machines tend to vibrate and “walk” due to uneven loads or flooring. These issues force the drum to spin unevenly, causing the machine to vibrate.

Uneven drums can also be a problem for older machines after years of use.

When the machine vibrates, it may start to rattle and move, creating a potential hazard in the laundry room or basement. These vibrations may also cause excessive noise, disturbing the entire household.

Luckily, you do not need to rush out and replace the appliance.

The easiest solution is to place a mat underneath the machine. The mats also help minimize vibrations and sound through the rest of the house, great for laundry rooms on upper floors.

These products feature thick, dense padding that absorbs the vibrationswhile preventing the machine from sliding around. No appliance repairs or installation are required. You simply slide the mat under the washing machine or dryer.

So what type of anti-vibration mat should you use? Here are the best options for keeping your washing machine in place

When shopping for an anti-vibration mat, it also helps to consider the reason why your washing machine is shaking and moving across the floor. Addressing this problem may allow you to use a thinner mat.

Washing machines tend to vibrate when the spinning drum is uneven, which is typically the result of uneven laundry or a non-level floor. First, use a level to determine if the appliance is resting on a flat surface.

If the floor of your basement is not level, adding a pad under one or two legs may solve the problem. You may also adjust the legs to level an uneven washing machine.

When the floor is level but the machine still vibrates excessively, ensure that you are evenly distributing the clothes inside the washer. You may also want to use lighter loads to minimize the weight inside the drum. These steps should help reduce vibrations and noise.

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Types and Sizes of Mats

There are different types of mats and pads. You can get foam or rubber mats measuring one or more yards. There are also small rubber pads that go under each corner of the machine.

If you plan to use a whole mat to go under the washer, measure the width and depth of your machine. Add several inches to each measurement to ensure that the mat covers the entire footprint of the washing machine.

The typical washing machine is about 27 inches wide and 30 inches deep. Many of the antivibration mats are 24 inches square, requiring multiple mats to completely cover the area under the machine.

If you have an extra-large machine, the individual rubber pads may be a more effective option.

Material and Thickness

Anti-vibration mats are made from a few different materials. You can get dense foam mats, foam rubber mats, and rubber mats. Foam mats tend to be the cheapest while thick rubber mats cost a little more.

Foam mats offer moderate vibration dampening and may not last as long compared to rubber mats. The foam material does not have the density to support a heavy washing machine without experiencing excessive wear.

Rubber mats are denser, are more durable, and provide better shock absorption. They also do a better job of keeping the washing machine in place.

The thickness of the mat also impacts its ability to absorb vibrations and minimize noise. Most mats range between 1/4 inch and 1 inch thick.

There are also commercial and industrial mats measuring two or three inches thick but those are best suited for heavy-duty use in laundromats and industrial facilities.

Cost and Overall Value

The last details to consider include the cost and overall value. If you want the cheapest option, go with the floor pads that fit under the feet of the washing machine. These pads are affordable and easy to position under the machine.

For the most effective results, choose a thick anti-vibration rubber mat that fits under the entire washing machine. While these mats tend to cost more, they provide the best shock absorption and are less prone to wear and tear.

So What Type of Padding Should You Get?

You have several great options available to help deal with noisy or vibrating washing machines, dryers, and other appliances. To choose the right one, remember the details discussed.

If you do not want to struggle to position the washing machine over a larger mat, consider using the individual round pads that go under the corners or feet of the machine. These pads keep the machine from moving and help minimize some of the vibrations.

For complete sound protection and vibration dampening, use the large square mats. You may need to use more than one, depending on the size of your machine, but they offer the best anti-vibration solution.


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