Top 10 LED TV Brands in India 2022

top 10 led tv

The Market of Television is evolving year by year. In 2022, Televisions are used mostly for watching online contents like TV Shows, Series and movies. Most of the brands are offering Smart TVs with Android OS. But in general when it comes to top brands in LED TVs comparing, the Display and build quality of the television is the only thing that matters.

In India, as the market is huge many brands are competing in the Smart TV segment. But when it comes to LED Display only a few brands keep up their work.

Television industry in India is quite large when you talk about leaders in this space, there are only a few names that can be called as incumbent players. Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic are considered to be in this space. They are the leaders because of a couple of things like long existence in industry, reliable products, and good after-sales service. These brands have grown with technology, CRT to Plasma, LCD to LED, and now OLED. And that is why they are called as incumbent players of LEDTV industry in India.

Considered as the biggest brand in the industry, Samsung LEDTV is seen in the most of the Indian households. Offering an immersive experience, Samsung claims to provide the best-personalized entertainment experience on their LED TVs in India. Samsung India started selling LEDTVs in India as early as 2012.

Why should you buy Samsung LED TV in India?: Samsung is a LEDTV brand that would give you the most value for money products. Of course, their LEDTVs are pricey, but offer products in all size types ranging from 24 inches to 65 inches. Choose a Samsung LEDTV according to your requirement.

This could be said that LG is the next best things after Samsung in the LEDTV market. These two brands friendly rivalry made LED TV experience an ever-growing space. Hailing from South Korea, LG LEDTV in India offers great cinematic experience. With the support of Dolby Vision and Atmos technologies, you can be sure that they’ll deliver the great audio experience as well.

Why should you buy LG LED TV in India?: LG brings an experience to the table that you won’t get even on a Samsung or any other LEDTV for a fact. Sleek designs, and amazing clarity, LG LEDTVs have the best color output. And is compatible with most of the DTH connections in India.

Hailing from Japan, Sony LEDTV brings the most versatile designs in the Indian market. Not just offering a great cinematic experience with impressive sound output, Sony LEDTV is said to give your living room a much-required makeover. Wide color gamut Triluminos display, powerful sound with dual acoustic built-in subwoofer, and a range of connectivity features. All this make Sony LEDTV an investment you won’t regret at all.

Why should you buy Sony LEDTV in India?: To liven up your living room, buy a Sony LEDTV. Also, if you can afford it, cuz they are quite pricey, probably the most pricey among all incumbent players.

Another brand hailing from Japan, a country of Ninjas, Panasonic LED TV is quite popular in India. For its high performance, blur-free picture clarity and kickass design, Panasonic has named their Television range after an iconic Ninja, Shinobi. Offering a premium experience, Panasonic Shinobi series offers a cinematic experience as if you are in the theatre. From HD resolution to 4K HDR, Panasonic has a wide variety covering different resolutions.

Why should you buy Panasonic LED TV in India?: For its premium features at the considerably affordable price tag. Among all the industry leaders, Panasonic is the only brand that offers premium features at a relatively affordable price point in India.

TOP 10 LED TV Brands in India

SONY > LG > Samsung > VU > MI > TCL

As you see, I have placed the brands in respect with their Display quality, panel built quality and user experience. Sony OLED display is still now the best ever to reproduce perfect and more deeper colors. Followed by LG OLED which is also more or less same as that of Sony, and followed by other brands. Apart from OLED there QLED and SLED technologies which are seen in Samsung and other brands.


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