Google acquires artificial intelligence (AI) avatar startup for $100 million

google acquires AI

Google has acquired a startup called Avatara, which provides AI-powered avatars for business meetings.

Google did not disclose how much the acquisition cost, but said it would help them “design and build new ways for people to communicate in work settings.”“We look forward to supporting Avatara as they continue building an amazing team and product, focused on increasing engagement with AI-powered avatars. We can’t wait to see what our customers do with these new capabilities,” a spokesperson said.

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Avatara is a subsidiary of the company that developed the software, and it will be integrated into Google’s productivity suite. The service allows people to create virtual assistants that can represent them in meetings and on the phone. .The app is a chatbot that can be used to talk to other AVA users. It will also give back information in the form of videos and text messages, much like Microsoft’s Cortana. or Apple’s Siri.AVA will not be able to control the device, but it is designed to use its AI and chatbot technology to help people pass the time during their long commute.

“People want to be able to converse with their assistants in natural language, not just a computer,” said Tye Brady, who leads Google Research. Google is already working on other virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Duplex — which can also take dictation and make appointments for users.The acquisition comes as Google tries to become more competitive with Microsoft and Amazon in the enterprise space. .

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