Amazing tricks to capture beautiful images on new iPhone 14

The new iPhone 14 has a new camera that allows for more creative and artistic shots. The camera is also faster than the previous versions of the phone. The new iPhone 14 will be available in a 4GB model, and an 8GB model is currently being sold on Apple’s online store.The iPhone 14 includes a 1.2-megapixel “TruePic VII” camera, which is said to provide better low-light photography at the same time being faster than the previous version of photo capturing software.

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How to get the best out of them:

Using the Grid option, which is already available on your iPhone 14, is one of the greatest ways to make sure that your subject is in the proper position and follows the rule of thirds. Click Settings, then select Camera. In the Composition area, there is a Grid option. To view gridlines, turn it on.

Manual exposure control:

With your iPhone 14, you can easily modify the exposure when shooting a subject in dim lighting. Put your subject in place, then tap the screen. There will be a light icon that you can manually adjust by sliding it up or down to match the lighting conditions.

Live photo feature:

Users of Live Photos can record a 2-second video in addition to a still image of the perfect moment in their lives. Users can also modify the Live Photo effects with this feature. Open a Live Photo in the Photos app to do this. Next, press the top left arrow. A menu of options will appear, including Live, Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure, and Off. Choose the effect you want to use and then apply it.

Portrait modes for different lighting setups:

You can use the portrait mode on the iPhone 14 to capture beautiful portrait photos of your subjects. Six portrait light options are available in portrait mode including Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage, Stage Mono, and High-Key Mono. Each of these options provides a slightly different lighting hue to match various lighting settings.

Better Night mode:

If you are taking pictures in very low light, you can enable the night mode on your iPhone 14 to brighten your photos even in the darkest of lighting conditions. The camera app itself has a direct option for night mode. Even in the darkness of the night, just tap it to turn it on and you can start taking beautifully-illuminated pictures.

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