Wordle answer today for Wednesday, 11th January: What is the word today for 571?


Another day, another Wordle, with this page explaining the Wordle answer for today, 11th January.

For the uninitiated, the aim of Wordle is to work out a daily five-letter word within six guesses. The fewer the guesses, the better – and if you fail to guess it at all, you’ll break your streak.

The latter is why working out today’s Wordle answer is such a priority, as players pride themselves on keeping their streak going. So why gamble on a risky final guess when you can learn a few clues and, failing that, get the definitive answer? This page can help with that.

Clues for today’s Wordle answer

Instead of going straight to the answer, you might only need a few hints to get you over the line:

  • There are no repeating letters in today’s word.
  • There are two vowels.
  • The vowels are the second and fourth letters.
  • The third letter is found near the start of the alphabet.
  • As for a clue to the word’s meaning, it’s often used in America to describe a type of car with separate compartments for the engine, passengers, and boot.

Still not sure? Read on for the answer.

The Wordle answer for word 571 on 11th January, 2023

Even with the above clues, still not sure and want to keep that streak going?

The Wordle answer today is SEDAN.

Guessing ‘SANDY’ put me on the right track for getting today’s Wordle, but it still took me until my fifth guess to get it after trying ‘SNEAD’. Hopefully the clues above helped you keep your own streak going too!

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