WhatsApp Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2023: 100+ Happy Anniversary Wishes for Couples, Parents, and More

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FWhatsApp has emerged as a major messaging and calling platform for users across the world. Because it is free, WhatsApp attracts a large number of users. It can be used for sending messages, greetings, making voice and video calls and more. People use it for wishing each other during important days. One such day is a wedding anniversary. 

Couple WhatsApp Wedding Anniversary Wishes (Husband/Wife)

  1. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple. 
  2. Wishing a perfect pair a lovely day together. 
  3. Anniversary cheers!
  4. Anniversary wishes. 
  5. Best wishes on your anniversary. 
  6. Wishing a superstar couple a super anniversary together. 
  7. Happy anniversary, beautiful people. 
  8. Dear <insert name> and <insert name>. Have an awesome day together. 
  9. You two always had something special. Happy Anniversary.
  10. Wishing our all-time faourite couple lots of love and happiness. 
  11. Wishing you two a happy anniversary
  12. Once again, congratulations.
  13. Happy Anniversary! Dear <insert name> and <insert name>. 
  14. Hope you vibe and thrive forever Happy Anniversary, you two!
  15. Wishing you two a happily ever after. 
  16. Another year, another awesome reason to celebrate. Happy Anniversary.
  17. Happy anniversary! Let the celebrations begin!
  18. Can’t believe it’s been <insert number of years> years! Happy Anniversary you two.
  19. Sending you the warmest wishes on your wedding anniversary, dear <insert name> and <insert name>.
  20. May the next 10 years be as blissful as the first 10. Happy Anniversary. 

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WhatsApp Anniversary Wishes for Friends

  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary to our best friends. 
  2. Hope your days are full of love and happiness. Happy Anniversary.
  3. Hope this auspicious day comes again and again. Happy Anniversary.
  4. Each year married turns out different and fun. Happy Anniversary. 
  5. Here’s wishing you a million happy moments. Happy Anniversary.
  6. Here’s hoping your home is always full of blessings. Happy Anniversary.
  7. Happy Anniversary to a gorgeous couple. 
  8. May you always cherish each other. Happy Anniversary. 
  9. Happy Anniversary to a couple that sets couple goals for the rest of us. 
  10. May you have many happy years ahead. Happy Anniversary. 
  11. Wishing our favourite people lots of love and good wishes. 
  12. Happy Anniversary – I am lucky to call you my friend. 
  13. Marriages aren’t perfect but you two come pretty close! Happy Anniversary.
  14. You two are picture perfect – Happy Anniversary. 
  15. With love to a special couple that warms everyone’s hearts. Happy Anniversary.
  16. May you always have love in your lives. Happy Anniversary. 
  17. Happy Anniversary, thanks for giving us all a good time.  
  18. You make marriage look easy – Happy Anniversary. 
  19. May your marriage grow stronger each year. 
  20. May your bond strengthen year after year. 

Anniversary Wishes for Parents

  1. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of unconditional love. Happy Anniversary.
  2. Your life seems to be a romantic comedy. Happy Anniversary. 
  3. Dear mom and dad. May your love multiply each day.
  4. Happy anniversary dear mom and dad. Hope you’ll celebrate today and everyday. 
  5. To the best couple I know. Happy Anniversary, dear mom and dad. 
  6. Happy Anniversary to my favourite couple. 
  7. May you always love each other with burning passion. Happy Anniversary. 
  8. Congratulations on another year together. Happy Anniversary. 
  9. Thank you for being my parents. Happy Anniversary.
  10. Special anniversary wishes for a special couple. 
  11. Hope your day and year is full of joy and love. 
  12. You are a dream couple. Happy Anniversary
  13. It’s beautiful how your marriage has survived the test of time. Happy Anniversary. 
  14. Hope your love for each other only grows. Happy Anniversary. 
  15. You personify the quotes we read about love. Happy Anniversary
  16. Lucky to have parents like you. Happy Anniversary. 
  17. Growing up watching you love each other has been special. Happy Anniversary. 
  18. Congratulations on your special day. May you two remain happy forever. 
  19. Happy Anniversary to my source of happiness. 
  20. Hope you’ll grow closer everyday. Happy Anniversary. 

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Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  1. This is what 25 years of commitment looks like. Happy Anniversary. 
  2. You are proof of true love. Happy Silver Jubilee wishes. 
  3. It’s your Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary! Let’s celebrate. 
  4. Thank you for being by my side for 25 years. Happy Anniversary. 
  5. Thank you for being with me for a quarter of a century! Happy Anniversary. 
  6. We’ve put up with each other for 25 years. Happy Wedding Anniversary. 
  7. Thank you for entering my life at the right moment. Happy Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary. 
  8. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to you! May you reach 100 years of togetherness!
  9. Congratulations on your silver wedding. 
  10. Your love story is truly inspiring. Happy Wedding Anniversary. 
  11. 25 years of marriage. A milestone indeed. Happy Wedding Anniversary. 
  12. It takes dedication to be a great couple and to build such an awesome family. Happy Anniversary. 
  13. 25 years through ups and downs. Happy Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary. 
  14. With the passage of time, love grows stronger. Happy Silver Jubilee Wedding Anniversary. 
  15. Thank you for making me believe in fairytales. Happy Wedding Anniversary. 
  16. Enjoy your silver wedding anniversary. 
  17. 25 years is no joke! Here’s to being together forever. Happy Anniversary.
  18. As a couple, you have proved love is an investment. Happy Anniversary. 
  19. Watching you cherish each other is heartwarming. Happy Anniversary. 
  20. May you have another century of marital bliss. 

Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  1. Here’s hoping you celebrate 100 years of wedded bliss! Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary
  2. 50 glorious years together isn’t easy. Happy Anniversary. 
  3. May the next 50 be as glorious as the first 50. Happy Anniversary. 
  4. May your love only grow exponentially, day by day. Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary. 
  5. You’ll do it better than anybody. Happy Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary. 
  6. Happy Golden Jubilee, here’s hoping you have another 50 years together. 
  7. Precious, shining and pure, gold represents your love. Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary. 
  8. Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary.
  9. You are the essence of true love. Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary
  10. Let us celebrate. 50 years of wedded bliss doesn’t come easy. 
  11. Hope you have each other’s backs for the next 50. Happy Golden Jubilee Anniversary. 
  12. It is an honour to witness a love story like yours. Happy Wedding Anniversary.
  13. Your marriage is a great example of how to win in love. Happy Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary. 
  14. You’ll personify the love songs we listen to. Happy 50th wedding anniversary. 
  15. Here’s wishing our favourite couple a happy golden jubilee wedding anniversary. 
  16. Happy golden jubilee wedding anniversary – your love is a beautiful thing. 
  17. There may have been bumps in the road and twists and turns, but you have survived as a couple. Happy Anniversary. 
  18. Your marital life is golden, just like this anniversary. Happy Anniversary. 
  19. Tough times don’t last, tough people do! Staying married for 50 years proves that! Happy golden jubilee wedding anniversary. 
  20. Congrats you two, here’s hoping your union lasts a lifetime. 

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Anniversary Wishes for Siblings (Sister/Brother)

  1. Your relationship is a beautiful example of love and sacrifice. 
  2. The way you adore each other is the perfect example of love. Happy Anniversary. 
  3. Happy wedding anniversary to two of my absolute favourites. 
  4. Hopefully, this day shall herald more love in your lives. Happy Wedding Anniversary. 
  5. May your love and its bond grow stronger each day. Happy Anniversary. 
  6. Dear sibling. The day you got married is the luckiest day of your life. Happy Anniversary. 
  7. You two are really lucky! Happy wedding anniversary. 
  8. It’s awesome to have you as family. Happy Wedding Anniversary. 
  9. Dear sister, happy anniversary.
  10. Happy anniversary dear brother. 
  11. On this day, dear brother/sister, may your love get stronger and continue to grow. Happy Anniversary. 
  12. Seeing you smiling beside your partner makes me elated. Happy Anniversary. 
  13. You are easily the best brother in law/sister in law. 
  14. Falling in love is easy. Maintaining that is hard. Happy Anniversary. 
  15. May your bond grow stronger over time. Happy Anniversary. 
  16. Family is fun because of you in it. Happy Anniversary. 
  17. Dear sibling, happy wedding anniversary. 
  18. Dear sister. Here’s wishing you and your husband a very happy anniversary. 
  19. Your love is deep like an ocean. Happy wedding anniversary. 
  20. Your relationship grows more real with the passage of time. Happy Anniversary. 

Happy Anniversary Status for Whatsapp Quotes

  1. Happy Anniversary darling. I am the happiest when I am with you. 
  2. You make me the happiest man in the world. Happy Anniversary. 
  3. Happy Anniversary & God Bless You!
  4. Thank you for teaching me the meaning of love. Happy Anniversary. 
  5. The journey of life with you feels magical. Happy Anniversary. 
  6. Let us celebrate our timeless love. Happy Anniversary. 
  7. The day we took our wedding vows will always be etched in my memory. Happy Anniversary. 
  8. The best things in life are better with you. Happy anniversary!
  9. I cannot live without you. Happy Anniversary. 
  10. Every day with you is a celebration for me. Happy Anniversary mi amor..
  11. May our marriage continue to surprise and delight us. Happy Anniversary my love. 
  12. Here’s hoping our love grows stronger each year. Happy Anniversary. 
  13. Here’s to another decade of the good times. Happy Anniversary. 
  14. The world knows truth and love exists because of you. Happy Anniversary. 
  15. Today is special because we took our vows on this date. Happy Anniversary. 
  16. Our love is as real as it gets. Happy Anniversary. 
  17. Warmest congratulations on your wedding anniversary. 
  18. Love always on your wedding anniversary
  19. This anniversary, hope you find everlasting happiness. Happy Anniversary
  20. On this wedding anniversary, may God bless you both. 

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