Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz answers today: win Rs 31,415 (1 winner)

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The Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz is a fresh contest by Amazon India. The contest particularly highlights and celebrates Pi Day, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. The quiz features questions about π and other mathematical jargon while keeping you entertained with a prize of Rs Rs 31,415 for the selected 1 winner.

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The Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz joins other interesting contests on the app, such as the Amazon The Really Tough Mobile Quiz, Amazon Xiaomi 13 Pro Quiz, Amazon Digital Payments Awareness Week Quiz, Amazon Philips-Your Hair, Your Way Quiz, Amazon Redmi Fire TV Quiz, and others. Click here to check out more quizzes and contests run by Amazon India.

Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Pi(e)
  • Answer 2: 6
  • Answer 3: Seven
  • Answer 4: Age
  • Answer 5: 141

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Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: What do mathematics teachers like to eat?

Answer: Pi(e)

Question 2: Ram has 5 sons. Each of his sons has a sister. If so, how many children does Mr.Ram have?

Answer: 6

Question 3: He is an odd number, but if you take away an alphabet from him, he becomes Even. Who is he?

Answer: Seven

Question 4: What keeps increasing and doesn’t decrease?

Answer: Age

Question 5: I am a three-digit number. My second digit is four times bigger than the third digit. My first digit is three less than my second digit. Who am I?

Answer: 141

How to find the Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz?

Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz arrives under the “New Games This Week” subsection on Funzone. To participate in this quiz, open the Amazon app on your smartphone and go to the Funzone section. After that, look for the Amazon Pi Day Riddle Quiz and tap on its banner to begin the contest. Interested users can also click here to visit the quiz window directly on their smartphones.

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