Apple Is Opening Its First Flagship Apple Store In Mumbai Next Month

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  • Apple is opening its first flagship Apple store in India next month
  • The first store will be opening in Mumbai
  • It will be followed by a second store in New Delhi


After several delays, Apple will open its first flagship Apple Store in Mumbai. A second store will soon follow it in New Delhi. 

ETTelecom reports that this flagship store is opening on the Jio World Drive Mall, Mumbai, and it will be similar to Apple Stores in Angeles, New York, Beijing, Milan and Singapore.

The report also adds that the New Delhi outlet will open in Select CityWalk Mall in Saket. It will be spread over 10,000 square feet, similar to the Mumbai store. It could possibly open just days after the opening of the Mumbai store. 

“Fitouts are completed for both the stores,” an Apple executive with knowledge of the matter said to ETTelecom; he added, “In fact, the fit-out was completed for the Delhi store ahead of the Mumbai one. But since Mumbai will be the flagship Apple Store in India, it will open first next month. The Delhi one will open soon after.”

Apple will soon launch its official online store in India


It is also mentioned that the company will fix the store’s opening date based on the availability of Apple’s global executives. Apple’s senior vice president of retail, Deirdre O’Brien, will likely attend the launch event. However, there is no confirmation on whether Tim Cook will attend the event.

The company is reportedly undertaking a trial run of operations in the store. 

In January, Tim Cook said he is very bullish on India as the company set record revenues in the country. He said, “India is a hugely exciting market for us and a major focus. We brought the online store there in 2020. We will soon bring Apple Retail there. We are putting a lot of emphasis on the market. There’s been a lot going from financing options and trade-ins to make products more affordable and give people more options to buy.”

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