Top Free Fire Max stylish names for pets (April 2023): 200+ best, unique and stylish pet name list for Garena Free Fire

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Do you like calling your pet Zelda, Luigi, Pikachu, or something else from the world of gaming? Well, you can bring that brevity of yours with names for pets into the world of Garena’s Free Fire Max as well. As you probably know very well by now, Free Fire Max has reached a new height in terms of popularity. There is a growing trend around customising your character name, guild names, and even pet names.

Free Fire Max enthusiasts don’t want to settle for any random name, whether that is for their own nickname or for their pet’s name. The pets act as companions for the in-game characters and thus possess special abilities to help players during the gameplay. At the time of writing, there are a total of 18 pets available in the Free Fire Max game. Each of the 18  pets features a unique ability to help players in a match.

Free Fire Max Pets: list of all pets

Complete list of all Free Fire pets and cool names for Free Fire pets

Complete list of all Free Fire pets and cool names for Free Fire pets

  1. Agent Hop
  2. Sensei Tig
  3. Dr. Beanie
  4. Moony
  5. Dreki
  6. Beaston
  7. Rockie
  8. Mr. Waggor
  9. Falco
  10. Ottero
  11. Poring
  12. Robo
  13. Spirit Fox
  14. Shiba
  15. Kitty
  16. Mechanical Pup
  17. Night Panther
  18. Detective Panda

Free Fire Max Pet Names (April 2023): 200+ best, stylish names for pets

Like your ID name and guild name, Free Fire Max allows its players to name their pets using stylish typography and fonts. Free Fire Max players can spend diamonds to purchase pets from the in-game store. Once you have purchased the pet, the difficult task is to find a name that suits your pet and your character. Here is a look at the 50 best, most stylish and coolest pet names:

T𝓇aⓜⓅ ρЎʳ丨ℕά ŜⓄ尺ᵉ𝐍 ¢ħ𝔼Ć𝓴𝑒я𝐬
ᗰⓘ𝐑ⓐcĻe 𝔁𝓞𝕠 кrᵃⓈн Øνιℕa
G𝓻卂ⓝʸ𝐚 𝔼ν𝐎dᶤ𝔞 ⓥ𝕀ᗰ𝐚𝐭ίℕ𝒶 ϻAMa𝕔𝔦丅ά
𝔟ᗴˡⓛ€ ᎶᵃŁℓค𝔤HEʳ 𝐣ⓄĦⓃŇ𝐘 ∂𝐀𝐙
丂quƗяε𝔪𝑒𝓪𝔡 ⓟĮpε𝒸𝐋𝐨Ѷᵉ C𝕙𝓾𝓹ΔĆa𝓑Řα 𝓒я𝐚ηβⒺᖇ𝐑𝔂
T𝔯Ø𝓛𝓵у Ⓚ𝕀𝓉 𝔨𝐀𝕋 𝒸Ɨ匚乇гᶤⓄ ĆσŇĞo𝔯ι๏几
T𝐔ℓ𝓘 𝓰o𝕃𝓓ŕ𝕀𝓞 A𝒷๏๓ι𝓝ⓐтє Ĵαˢ𝕡ᗴ𝓇
𝓒𝕙Uв𝕊 𝓒𝐢𝓽卂я 𝔸ⓛ𝐯𝔸г𝐎 Ğᵘ𝕋ร
𝐛𝒶ⓛϻЎ𝓰гᗝV乇 𝕤¥𝐑€l𝒾α 𝓢Ť卂Ĥ𝓵I𝒶 𝓛𝓾𝕞P
𝔭𝓛𝐮ᗰ 𝔣rαŇ𝔻σгa яυβв𝒆r 𝕥𝐫ỖL𝓛 s𝐓єϻㄥⓞς𝓀
H𝓪ˡ𝓉Ữ в尺𝔸ᵉNʷㄚℕ Ⓓ𝓾𝔠Ҝ cℓᵉ𝕧€𝓡
b𝓸teⓔ𝕣𝔸 𝕣aƗsⓘ𝐍 ŕ๏𝓒𝕜𝓨 𝔯𝓞𝐀ᵈ ᗷσ𝓛αⓝ
👑✌ 𝐗𝔞𝕄a ғ𝓡Ỗ𝐒Ť𝐀𝓁 ⓖŘAภ∂єυ尺 ⓆUEέ𝓝𝕚𝑒
ⓠυє𝐥ㄥ𝐄 𝐯ᵒ𝓸ⓓ𝐨๏ 丅卂𝔣ғ𝔶 c𝓞ᵒтι乇
Bℝ𝔬ⓦภ𝔦𝒆 ᎥV𝓨℃ᖇ𝑜ώᑎ 𝔣𝕀𝐃Δ ᑕo𝔱𝕋๏η
ˢn𝕀𝐂ᛕẸŕ𝐬 𝔩Ⓤ¢ᖇєㄥ ѕ𝒶几𝓽𝓐 𝔭Δ𝕨s 乂Ǘ𝓍𝓤
𝓬a๔𝔹𝐮𝓻ү ⓒ𝔩𝕖Μє𝔫𝓈𝐈e ℝᗝc𝐤Ƴ 𝓅ᗴ卩ⓟ𝑒я𝓶𝕀n𝕥
ᖴ𝕠ᵘⓁ ρᒪ𝓔ᵃ𝕊𝔸ᑎ𝔱 т尺𝑜ilᗩ ⓛØ𝐃ⓘ
βᗩĻ𝓞Ⓞ ħυή ⓝάTнα tⓘ𝓻𝓪爪𝓘Ŝu
ρǗŘ𝐭є𝔬η ¢𝔞𝓢н ᵗ𝕪𝔞ⓝα βεL𝐋Iᶰ
ⓓ𝓸𝐭 𝐣𝓲Ĺ𝕃𝑒ⓛ ⓈU𝔤Ⓐ𝓻 ķ𝓞𝓡ε𝓽丅ε
Ħ𝔢a𝓓 όⓥ𝔼ℝ ⓗέᵉ𝕃Ŝ
bα𝕣η𝕌𝕞 ĦỖᵖᑭᵉ𝓻 𝔫𝕆ѕ𝓘ş 𝔹α𝕙𝔞𝓶ά ϻ𝕒ⓜ𝕒
𝑒𝓁ˡᵃ ħ𝐀ᒪlσⓦ𝓑𝐑ᗝØ∂ 𝐁𝓐ʳ𝓻aĆⓊ𝓓A ή𝐔ⓝDυˢ
ĴσLĹ𝐲 Ŧ乇𝓓 𝕙Ã𝕃m𝓪ᗪι 𝕟𝕠𝕀ℕ
b𝔩𝒾𝔫𝓀𝐞尺 𝐓ᖇⓤƑⒻⓛ𝐄 βυ𝓵ᒪd𝐎ﻮS Ø𝔷乙𝓎
ρ𝔢ᶻ 𝕓я𝔞𝐳ⓘaŇ𝔞 tⓄᗰMʸG𝔲n ρØσᒪΔ𝕂ι
G𝕣𝐞ᗝ𝓃𝓖lE T山ᎥsⓉ卂 𝐜ε𝐃Ⓡ𝓊𝕤 ๓𝐨ᵒ𝔫 𝓶ᵃŇ
𝕘𝓡i丅ℍĮ𝓃 𝔻𝔼νㄖ Ča𝔭E𝐑 𝐡𝓐𝔣ℓ𝐲
Δβ𝔹𝓪 Ƶ𝔞𝓫Ã Ď乇ʷ dℝ𝕠𝐩 н𝓸я𝓞 𝒻𝐥ᶤη𝐜𝓱
𝐚ᵐα𝔭𝐎𝓁𝐀 ๓𝐎𝓷Ⓚ𝒆у ϻⒶg几𝓸ⓉŤ𝐀 Ƒίnᵍέʳs
𝐓𝐔Ⓡkiş𝓗 ᵈ𝔼ℓ𝕚𝔤𝓱𝔱 𝕒𝔩αŜℍ ᗪ𝐢ⓡт𝕐 𝔪𝐀ʳ𝕐 𝓣ยᵃg𝕆
в𝕀Ꮆ 匚ħέггy sє𝐀s𝔬𝕟Ǥ A𝓜𝔢г€𝓼т Ⓖ𝕒ⒹᵍẸŤ
丂卩uⒹ 𝓛ᗩeᑎⒶlเΔ קỖ𝕠𝒸Ĥ丨乇 ΜυѕҜ𝓔teᗴⓇ
𝓁𝓘ᶰⒹ𝔱 м乇ᶰ𝓽σŜ 𝕤𝔨itŦℓ𝕖𝓈 BǗŤᵗ𝒆Ř
g𝕝acẸw𝐄e∂ 𝓒Øˡᵗ𝕣ᵃⓝ€ βUⓉⓣⒺг
ℝαⓃ𝔡όL𝓖ιη 𝒇𝕠ŕ𝐠UŦ ʘʘ➆ ᵃηᵈ 𝓪 ℍάℓⓕ 𝐡e𝐑Kα ⓢᶜA𝕣𝐟𝓎
𝓭ⓤŕ爪𝔞s ςℝ𝓾𝐂𝐈ℱⒺ𝐑𝐲 Ƶᗩρρa 𝓞Ş𝓗𝓲Ŝ卄
ᗪㄖгค 🍮👮 𝕄Ãdภⓔ𝐬s ⓁⓐⓂᗷ𝒶𝐃𝔸
hα𝓷f𝓐 𝓢ᶤήAŤ𝓇ⓐ ℍ𝕒𝐋ғ ⓑ𝐚кeY 𝐝𝔢๓ⓞ几
кⓡㄖмⓓⓞ𝕤 丂ⓤ𝒶𝓪 кL𝐚᙭𝕏OⓃ 𝓷𝓪𝓅ρό ⒿⒶ𝔣ƑⒶ
קO𝓈ⓢ€ ᵖʳ𝕖αℂʰᵉ𝐑 ʲ𝐔𝔫ιPeR 𝐥ilเÃ𝐍Δ
Ş¢ŕ𝕒ρ𝕡𝐘 Ć𝐇𝔞𝐑Ⓓᵒ𝕟𝔫α𝓎 ⓣŕØĮˡᵃ Wเภ𝓽乇𝕣𝐖คㄥЌ
ғI𝓈ђ𝔴σỖ𝒹 η𝕀𝔮𝔬Ⓛ 𝕙є𝔫đʳi乂 яᵒLσ
𝐞ⓛᵛ𝐈Ⓢ ᵖόώ𝔢𝕣Ĥ𝓞U𝐬e ᑭ𝐢𝓝єⓄ𝓐𝕜 𝐆𝑜𝔡m𝐨tħέⓇ
𝕕𝓸V𝕖 Tŕ𝔦𝐗ⓘ Ł๏𝓒𝓊𝓢𝓽έ𝔞ᵐ ᑎ𝓪Ⓚ𝐨α
¢𝓱𝕦𝐍𝔨 𝓉ⓞl𝕚 Ćᗩ𝓛i𝐚 ᕼ𝐢𝔤𝓗l𝐚ⓝᵈᵉ𝐑
𝓎𝐚ᑎᗪⒾⓩ ᵖᵉ𝓐𝓝𝓾𝓉 𝔁ᗝMI ˢ𝕋Ř𝐢Ƥ乇
Ⓖro𝕍ε𝔯Ƴ ⒸⒽ𝔢ω𝔦 𝓂Ɨ𝕘ℍт¥ ڶㄖнnⓢ𝑜𝓷 мØùⓈά
qù𝐋ⓄŞtIυ𝓶 ᕼ𝕠𝕣Ň𝓫𝔼𝔸Μ Ⓖ𝓸𝑜ᗪ 𝒶ηᗪ ⓟⓛᵉ𝔫ŦⓎ
Ⓢ𝕌ᵍ卂r 𝐃άⒹᵈץ

Free Fire Max Pet: how to change the name of your pet in Free Fire?

  • Start the game on your smartphone.
  • Once you are on the home screen, click on the pet icon at the right side of the display.
  • Now, select the pet whose name you want to change.
  • Click on the icon beside the existing name of your pet.
  • You will see a pop-up window asking for a new name.
  • Now, copy and paste any of the names mentioned above that you would want for your pet.
  • Once you have entered the new pet name, click on the button showing the diamond symbol.
  • This will deduct the required diamonds, and your pet’s name will be changed.

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Free Fire Max Pet: how to find stylish names for your pet in Free Fire?

It is extremely easy to find new names for your pet, as per the trend on Free Fire. One of the popular websites to find the latest and stylish names is NickFinder. You can visit on a web browser and either use some of the names suggested by the website right away. You can also type a name of your choice and generate new styles of font using the “Generate Another” button.

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