Google Pay error sends out cashback rewards accidentally to some users

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  • A Google Pay error accidentally sent out cashback rewards to some Pixel users
  • The issue has been observed in the US
  • Some users have claimed that Google has taken back the accidentally released amounts

A Google Pay error accidentally released cashback rewards to some users in the US last week, according to several Redditors from the Google Pixel subreddit. Redditors have revealed that the search engine giant has been sending out varied amounts of money ranging from around $10 to $1,000 (~Rs 82,000). It has also been observed that only Pixel users are receiving the cashback rewards.

Mishaal Rahman, a journalist, also got $46 in cashback rewards, which he wrote about on Twitter. In a later tweet, he said that Google had fixed the problem by taking back the amounts that were accidentally given out. As of the date of this post, no such case has been observed in India.

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Google Pixel users in US receive cashback rewards due to Google’s mistake

Rahman said on Twitter that he received cashback rewards of $45 for “dogfooding the Google Pay Remittance experience.” One of the Redditors said that he got six different cashback rewards of $100 for dogfooding the Google Pay Remittance experience.

“Dogfooding” refers to the practice of a company or organisation using its own products or services for testing purposes before making it available to general users. One of the Redditors said the following as the possible cause for the issue that appeared on Google Pay, “Presumably, they made a bunch of changes to Google Pay in its algorithms/interfaces/features and the vendor compatibility before full launch and are rewarding you for testing transactions for them before widespread launch.”

According to Rahman, the accidentally released amounts by Google were showing on the Google Pay app, under the Rewards section in the Deals tab. Pixel users in the US reported receiving the cashback rewards on April 5th, 2023, and on the next day, Google confirmed that it had resolved the error that deposited unintended cash credits to the accounts of the users.

Google said it has reversed the credit, which means it has taken back the cashback rewards that were given out by mistake. However, those who have already used it are not required to return the amount. For those who don’t know, Google Pay functions as a UPI app in India, whereas in the US, it is used as an online wallet.

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