RailTel’s NuRe Bharat App Introduces Netflix, Ola, and Uber Aboard

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  • 3i Infotech-led consortium, NuRe Bharat Network, and RailTel introduce PIPOnet mobile app, offering comprehensive railway services from e-ticketing to travel and entertainment
  • RailTel partners exclusively with NuRe Bharat Network, a joint venture consortium, for a five-year period, launching the all-new PIPOnet mobile app for enhanced railway experiences

NuRe Bharat Network, led by 3i Infotech, and RailTel have unveiled their latest creation: the PIPOnet mobile app. This cutting-edge railway passenger app aims to provide a seamless experience by offering a wide array of services, encompassing e-ticketing, travel arrangements, accommodation reservations, and an array of entertainment apps. RailTel has forged an exclusive partnership with NuRe Bharat Network, a joint venture consortium consisting of 3i Infotech, FISST, and Yellow, which is set to span an impressive five-year period. 

According to NuRe Bharat Network CEO Sax Krishna, the app is set to hit the Android Play Store within the upcoming two weeks.”We have integrated Netflix, Uber, and Ola with the app. Through PIPOnet, passengers will be able to book e-tickets, platform tickets, porters, stay, food and many other things. It will have space for advertisers who want to reach out to passengers. The scope is huge. We expect to generate revenue of Rs 1,000 crore in the next five years,” Krishna said.

Bharat Connectivity

PIPOnet will serve as a platform for advertisers to engage with people residing in Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 towns across India, facilitating widespread connectivity throughout Bharat. “Around 1.7 million people log into our wifi network. Our estimate shows that around 1 lakh villages fall within 5 kilometres of the Indian Railway’s radius. With innovative digital technology, our partners can attract a large number of advertisers. They can take several other initiatives on the platform,”In an interview with PTI, Sanjai Kumar, the Chairman and Managing Director of RailTel, revealed that Nure Bharat Network is expected to share either 40 percent of the service revenue or a minimum of Rs 14 crore per year with RailTel.


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