Ugram OTT Release Details: Allari Naresh’s Telugu Film Ugram to stream on Amazon Prime Video

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  • Ugram was released on May 5, 2023, and was appreciated for its thrilling narrative and captivating performances
  • Despite mixed reviews, the film was announced as a commercial success
  • Fans can soon watch Ugram on Amazon Prime Video

Actor Allari Naresh’s recent film, Ugram, an action-packed Telugu flick, received mediocre reviews from critics and fans. The film has grossed over ₹50 crore worldwide, solidifying its position as one of the highest-grossing Telugu films 2023. This commercial achievement reflects the widespread appeal and appreciation for Ugram’s intense storyline, engaging performances, and skilful direction. After a successful theatrical run with standout performances, the film is set to release on an OTT platform. Details regarding digital rights were shared recently. Below are the details

Ugram: OTT Release Details

Fans can soon watch Ugram on Amazon Prime Video. While the official announcement is yet to be made, several media reports mentioned that the film would stream on the OTT platform soon.

Ugram: Cast and Crew

Presented as an action thriller film, Ugram boasts a talented cast and crew. Allari Naresh takes on the role of Deepak, the film’s protagonist, while Mirnaa Menon portrays Priya, a key character. The film marks the second collaboration between Allari Naresh and director Vijay Kanakamedala, following the success of their previous venture, Naandhi.

Indraja plays Deepak’s mother, and Sharath Lohithaswa is Inspector Ravi, adding depth to the story. The supporting cast includes Shatru, Srinivas Sai, Manikanta Varanasi, Naga Mahesh, Ramesh Reddy, and Baby Uha Reddy. The film is directed by Vijay Kanakamedala, who also penned the story, and features cinematography by Siddharth Jadhav. Sricharan Pakala’s music contributes to the film’s overall impact. Ugram is produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi under the banner of Shine Screens.

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Ugram: Premise

The story of Ugram revolves around Deepak, a sincere and compassionate man who operates a family-owned film theatre. His life takes an unexpected turn when a series of unexplained murders occur at the theatre, leading to Deepak being framed for the crimes. Now on the run, he embarks on a mission to clear his name and unveil the true identity of the killer. Deepak must act swiftly, as time is running out, and he must prove his innocence before it’s too late.

Ugram: Review and IMDb Rating

The film has garnered mixed reviews from critics. The film has received accolades for its well-executed action sequences and Allari Naresh’s powerful performance. Naresh effectively portrays the emotions and struggles of his character, Deepak, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. However, some reviewers have criticized the film for its slow pace and predictable plot. These elements, according to them, hinder the film’s overall impact and diminish its potential. Users on IMDb have given Ugram a rating of 8.9/10.

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