Early Access Test of ‘Defense Derby’, Showcases Promising Results

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  • RisingWings’ real-time strategy defence game, “Defense Derby,” receives positive feedback during its early access test
  • The two-week early access trial records an impressive total playtime of 81,500 hours, nearly tripling last year’s pre-release test
  • Users highlight the engaging features of “Defense Derby,” including collecting and upgrading heroes and units

RisingWings, an independent studio of KRAFTON, Inc., has unveiled the early access test records for its highly anticipated real-time strategy defence mobile game, “Defense Derby.” The game, which features exciting new systems and modes, underwent testing from April 27 to May 11 in India, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan. This test aimed to enhance the overall user experience and introduce fresh content to the game.

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Defence Derby Impresses Players During Early Access Test

Defense Derby captured the attention of mobile gaming enthusiasts during its early access test, with 19,600 users eagerly participating in the two-week trial period. The test revealed an impressive total playtime of 81,500 hours, nearly three times higher than last year’s global pre-release test. Moreover, one of the core play modes, “Derby Mode (PvP),” experienced a notable surge in popularity, with approximately 381,000 playthroughs recorded during the testing phase.

User Satisfaction and Engagement

The early access test participants expressed their satisfaction with Defense Derby, as evident from the impressive game satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5. The majority of users shared positive reviews, highlighting several engaging features. According to the survey, the most fascinating aspect of the game was “Collecting and upgrading/levelling up Heroes and Units.” Following closely behind were the “Derby Mode,” “PvE content,” and “Progressing through the Guardian’s Journey.” In addition to these features, users praised the “Scouting Units” element, which encourages players to strategize and anticipate their opponent’s next moves, adding a unique and enjoyable dimension to Defense Derby.

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Defense Derby: An Exciting Blend of Strategy and Defense

With its early access test completed, Defense Derby has proven to be a real-time strategy defence game that captivates players with its diverse gameplay modes and engaging features. RisingWings, under the umbrella of KRAFTON, Inc., has delivered an experience that resonated positively with the gaming community. The game’s focus on collecting, upgrading, and levelling up Heroes and Units, coupled with the thrilling Derby Mode and the immersive Guardian’s Journey, offers players an exciting blend of strategy and defence.

As RisingWings prepares for the game’s official release, it is evident that Defense Derby has generated substantial anticipation and interest among mobile gamers worldwide. With the overwhelming response received during the early access test, the future looks promising for this innovative real-time strategy defence mobile game.

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