‘Fubar: Season 2’ OTT Release Details: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s popular series renewed for another season on Netflix

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  • Fubar stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role
  • Details regarding Fubar: Season 2 was shared by the team at the Netflix Tudum event
  • Fans can soon watch Fubar: Season 2 on Netflix. Official release date is awaited


After a successful run of the first season, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a special announcement for his fans, taking them by surprise and sharing details about the new season of Fubar. The show has been praised for several technical aspects and has been renewed for another season. Below are the details:

Fubar: Season 2 – OTT Release Details

Fans can soon watch Fubar: Season 2 on Netflix. Details regarding the new season were shared by the team on Netflix’s recently held Tudum event. The message shared on Twitter read, “Arnold Schwarzenegger just announced at #TUDUM that FUBAR had been renewed for Season 2! And to thank the fans, he released this blooper reel.”

Meanwhile, Arnold’s tweet read, “IT’S NOT A BLOOPAH. Can’t wait for Season 2 with my FUBAR family. @netflix”

Fubar: Season 2 – Cast and Crew

Conceived by Nick Santora, Fubar boasts a captivating ensemble cast led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Jay Baruchel, Aparna Brielle, and others. Produced by Agatha Barnes, the show includes Craig Wrobleski, Colin Hoult, and Michael McMurray as cinematographers, while the editing has been managed by J.J. Geiger, Eric Seaburn, Anthony Miller, and Sang Han. Created for Netflix, the show is a collaboration between Blackjack Films and Skydance Television.

Fubar: Season 2 – Trailer and Premise

The announcement of the second season of Fubar was made recently; however, details regarding the premise have been kept under wraps. The first season, featuring eight episodes, will be released in May 2023, and an official release date of Fubar: Season 2 is yet to be announced.

Presented as an action-adventure thriller, Fubar centers around Luke and his daughter, both working as CIA agents, unaware of each other’s roles. They have lived a life of deception, completely unaware of the truth. However, when their true identities are revealed, they are faced with the shocking realization that they have been living in ignorance of each other’s lives and true selves, despite their close bond. Now, Luke and Emma must embark on a challenging journey to uncover their authentic identities hidden beneath layers of secrecy that have defined their relationship.

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Fubar: Review and IMDb Rating

Critics mentioned Fubar to be a surprisingly funny and well-made show about two metalheads who get into all sorts of trouble. Reviewers highlighted that the show offers a crude but undeniably funny look at the lives of two blue-collar buddies and called the presentation raucous and irreverent, which would be appealing to fans of low-brow humour. Many noted that while it may not be suitable for everyone, fans of crude humour will find plenty to laugh about in Fubar, which has gained a cult classic status, praised for its originality, and authenticity. Users on IMDb have given the show a rating of 6.5/10.

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