Baby on OTT: 5 reasons we are excited about the movie

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  • The Telugu film Baby will stream on Aha Telugu/Aha from September 2023
  • It is a massive box office hit
  • The excitement for its OTT release is scaling high, and we tell you why

One of the most talked-about Telugu films recently on social media is the romantic coming-of-age movie Baby. It has been the topic of discussion among movie buffs, whether for or against it. The film smashed box office records and earned approximately Rs. 75.40 crores. Loaded with emotions and relatable characters, the film has made a mark for itself. The Sai Rajesh Neelam film stars Viraj Ashwin, Anand Devarakonda, and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in the lead roles. Baby has already locked in its digital streaming partner, and the excitement for its OTT arrival is skyrocketing.

Baby OTT Rights and Release Date

AhaAha Telugu has acquired the digital rights to the Tollywood film Baby. It is expected to arrive on OTT in September 2023. Initially, reports suggested that Baby would be released online in the third or fourth week of August.

Movie Name OTT Platform OTT Release Date
Baby Aha/Aha Telugu September 2023

Baby on OTT: 5 reasons we are looking forward to it

As cinema lovers eagerly await the digital release of Baby, we list out and bring to your reading screens five reasons to be excited about the same.

Baby OTT Release Date


1) Ace Performances

Baby is headlined by actors Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Anand Devarakonda, and Viraj Ashwin. The three of them delivered a top-notch act in the film. While Viraj Ashwin and Anand Devarakonda are stellar in their roles, debutant Vaishnavi steals the show. The actors’ performances connect with the audience, making Baby a must-watch.

2) Striking the Right Chord

The emotions displayed by the characters will resonate with the audience. Both laughter and tears will be shed during the course of the movie. It is an emotionally charged film that strikes the right chords and hits a bullseye in the heart.

3) Relatable

The film in no way showcases its lead characters as being holier-than-thou two goody shoes. The characters are flawed, and this dimension adds a charm of realism to Baby. The film is realistic, relevant, and relatable.

4) Compelling Narrative

Shedding light on modern-day relationships—complex and complicated Baby’s narrative will keep you hooked to the events unfolding. Storytelling is another strong point of the film. Baby delivers a poignant message subtly that will stick with the audience long after the final credits have rolled.

5) Spark Conversations

While the movie Baby may leave you with conflicted emotions, it also has the potential to spark discussions, for better or bad. No matter which character the audience chooses to root for, the movie will force them to reflect on relationships. Be it for or against, Baby starts conversations.

Additionally, Baby’s unconventional and unusual ending and the three main leads are reasons enough to be excited to watch Baby on OTT.

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