Ola S1X likely to be priced under Rs 1 Lakh, challenge petrol scooters

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  • Ola Electric is eyeing the launch of the S1X,
  • The teaser suggests that this scooter may challenge conventional 125 cc petrol scooters
  • The S1X’s performance and range, potentially around 100 km, stand as crucial aspects

In the Indian market, Ola Electric has achieved a significant stride with the launch of its latest offering, the S1 Air electric scooter. Boasting an appealing introductory price of Rs 110 lakh (ex-showroom), this particular model now takes the spotlight as the most budget-friendly option within Ola’s scooter lineup. However, recent revelations indicate that Ola’s quest for affordability is far from over. As per the recent news, it seems that the company is actively involved in developing another electric scooter, referred to as the S1X, positioned as an entry-level variant. The stage is set for this eagerly anticipated addition to making its debut on Independence Day, solidifying Ola Electric’s unwavering commitment to providing accessible and trailblazing mobility solutions.

Ola S1X Launch Confirmed

The initial pricing of the Ola S1 Air has effectively established its status as a more budget-friendly alternative when compared to its immediate rivals. Yet, the anticipated arrival of the S1X is poised to enhance its allure, captivating a wider range of customers. Ola’s official declaration that the S1X will debut with an exceptionally competitive initial cost, dipping below the Rs 1 lakh mark, is particularly noteworthy. At present, Ola Electric proudly holds the position of being the foremost manufacturer of electric two-wheelers in the country, a feat underscored by remarkable sales figures—17,579 units sold in the month of June 2023 alone.

While the company has chosen to keep specific product details under wraps, the teaser intriguingly presents the forthcoming S1X as a potential ‘ICE killer’. Notably, the price range for 125 cc petrol scooters in the Indian market typically hovers around the Rs 1 lakh mark, an alignment that draws attention to the projected positioning of the Ola S1X.

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The veracity of these assertions will be tested through the S1X’s real-world performance. A glimpse from the presentation offers a sneak peek into the S1X’s design, which appears to embrace a more minimalist approach compared to its counterparts, hinting at possible strategies for cost reduction. The extent to which the S1X lives up to these lofty expectations is a question that only time will answer.


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