Here’s how to get rid of fake explicit photos online

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  • The increasing proficiency in AI and Photoshop is fueling the creation of deceptive explicit images.
  • This has raised concerns about the growth of ‘revenge porn’ incidents.

With the surge in AI and Photoshop expertise, the potential for creating deceptive explicit images and engaging in ‘revenge porn’ is on the upswing. “Revenge porn” pertains to the non-consensual sharing of sexually explicit content. While various platforms worldwide aid cybercrime victims, what steps should one take if their personal images have already been disseminated?

Operated by a UK-based helpline for revenge porn, offers support to adults (18+) dealing with intimate image abuse. This platform assists adult victims of Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse and strives to halt the circulation of private sexual content across partner platforms. It operates as part of SWGfL, a UK-based nonprofit charity. Claiming an impressive removal rate of over 90%, the platform has successfully eradicated more than 200,000 non-consensual intimate images from the internet through innovative technological means. 

How does the platform function? employs a specialised tool that generates a hash or digital fingerprint from the provided intimate images/videos. This process involves utilising an algorithm to assign a unique hash value to an image. Notably, all duplicate copies of the same image share the exact same hash value. Subsequently, shares this generated hash with its collaborating companies. This partnership aids in swiftly detecting and eliminating shared images from online platforms.

Who are the platform’s partners? has forged partnerships with numerous industry giants in the technology sector. These include prominent names like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Bumble, Threads, and OnlyFans. Beyond these established collaborations, the platform boasts a widespread global network of partners. This network includes esteemed organisations such as Breakthrough, Centre for Social Research, RATI Foundation for Social Change, Red Dot Foundation, and Social Media Matters in India.

How can you get rid of explicit photos on Twitter?

Eliminating someone’s explicit sexual images or videos online without their consent is a grave breach of their privacy and a direct violation of Twitter’s rules. Often labelled as revenge porn, such content poses significant threats to the affected individuals’ safety and well-being, leading to potential physical, emotional, and financial hardships.

What constitutes a breach of this policy?

Within the scope of this policy, it is prohibited to upload or distribute explicit images or videos that were either taken without the involved parties’ consent or appear to have been taken without their permission.

Examples of content falling under this violation encompass, but are not confined to:

  • Hidden camera material displaying nudity, partial nudity, or sexual acts.
  • Creepshots or upskirts, capturing images or videos of an individual’s buttocks, or underneath their skirt/dress, or other clothing that reveals their genitals, buttocks, or breasts.
  • Manipulated images or videos that impose an individual’s face onto another person’s unclothed body through digital means.
  • Visual content is taken in intimate settings, with no intention of public dissemination.
  • Offering rewards or financial inducements in exchange for obtaining explicit images or videos.

The imperative to respect privacy and uphold ethical standards remains paramount in ensuring a safe online environment.

Reporting Policy Violations:

Through the app:

  • Click the icon to Report Tweet.
  • Opt for “It displays a sensitive photo or video.”
  • Choose “An unauthorised photo or video.”
  • Select “It includes unauthorised, intimate content of me or someone else.”
  • Decide on the appropriate option depending on the reported individual.
  • Highlight up to 5 Tweets for review.
  • Finalise and submit the report.

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