Former Realme CEO announces Honor Tech brand, will launch Honor phones starting September

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  • Honor Tech brand’s details have been officially confirmed
  • It will be licensed to launch Honor phones in India
  • By collaborating with India-based PSAV, it plans to expand its smartphone network in the country

Honor Tech has been announced in India. The new brand will be licenced to sell Honor-branded smartphones in the Indian market. Established as a subsidiary of Huawei in 2013, Honor entered the Indian market in 2014 with affordable smartphones. However, due to US sanctions on Huawei, it exited India in 2020. Following a sale to Chinese companies, it continued globally but introduced sporadic fitness trackers and tablets in India.

Now, Honor is set to enter the Indian market again by launching its first smartphone in September. Here is a look at how Honor Tech will work to reestablish the brand in the Indian market.

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Honor Tech will be licensed to sell Honor phones in India

Honor Tech

Honor Tech


Former Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has announced a new venture named Honor Tech. It is a 100 percent Indian joint venture aiming to inject Rs 1,000 crore by year-end. Honor Tech seeks to establish the Honor brand ecosystem in India, with a goal of capturing a 4-5 percent market share by the end of 2024. The initial investment will focus on product enhancement, software refinement, and service expansion, targeting a projected revenue of Rs 10,000 crore by 2024.

Collaborating with Noida-based PSAV Global, Honor Tech, headquartered in Gurgaon, plans to build a comprehensive local supply chain and generate around 4,000 jobs by next year. This partnership will grant Honor Tech the authority to choose its products, collaborators, manufacturing processes, services, and distribution networks for the local market.

Honor Tech’s first phone to launch in September

Honor Tech, which is licenced to launch Honor phones in India, will release its first phone in September. The brand will also bring the numbered, X, and Magic series of Honor phones to the country, Sheth confirmed in an interview with The Mobile Indian. Apart from phones, the company will launch other devices, such as laptops, wearables, and hearables, to build its ecosystem.

Sheth said that Honor phones will be manufactured in India. As per a recent report, Honor will make its comeback by launching the Honor 90, which will be priced at around Rs 30,000. At present, there is no official information on its arrival from the brand. Sheth also revealed that the Honor phones will run on the cleanest and safest UI, which will be free from bloatware. The brand will sell its phones and other products in both online and offline markets.

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