Scam 2003 OTT Release Date: Trailer of Hansal Mehta series out, here’s when you can watch it

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  • Scam 2003 stars Gagan Dev Riar as Telgi
  • The show will showcase the gripping account of the 2003 Stamp Paper Scam
  • Fans can watch Scam 2003 on SonyLIV on September 1

Scam 1992: The Harhad Mehta Story stuck quite a chord with the audience. After the success of this show, the ace filmmaker Hansal Mehta is back with a sequel to it. This one is titled Scam 2003 and is being considered one of the most anticipated shows of 2023. This series will showcase the popular ‘Telgi Case’, which shook the nation two decades back. Below are the details about the OTT release:

Scam 2003: OTT Release Release Date and Platform

Fans can watch Scam 2003 on SonyLIV on September 1, 2023. An Official announcement regarding the show’s release date was made on the production house’s Twitter platform (Now known as X) in June. On August 22, the makers dropped the trailer of the show with a lot of fanfare.

Scam 2003: Cast and Crew

Some members of the cast and crew of Scam 2003 were announced in May 2022. Writer Tushar Hiranandani took to social media to share the details which said, “Starring Gagan Dev Riar as Telgi, Produced by Applause Entertainment in association with StudioNext, Scam 2003: The Telgi Story will be helmed by showrunner Hansal Mehta and director Tushar Hiranandani. Casting by Mukesh Chhabra.”

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Scam 2003: Announcement and Premise

Marking the third anniversary of SonyLIV, the team announced the official details of the much-awaited show. Scam 2003 revolves around the intriguing tale of Abdul Karim Telgi, a notorious counterfeiter known for producing counterfeit stamp paper. This widespread scam spanning numerous states sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Inspired by the Hindi book Reporter ki Diary, penned by renowned journalist Sanjay Singh, the web series brings this extraordinary story to life. Singh played a pivotal role in exposing this gripping narrative

About Abdul Karim Telgi 

Popularly known as Telgi, this counterfeiter orchestrated a massive criminal enterprise by masterminding the production and distribution of counterfeit stamp paper. His audacious scam, which spanned across multiple states in India, sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Telgi’s operation involved printing fake stamp papers for various financial transactions and defrauding individuals, businesses, and government institutions. With his intricate network of accomplices, Telgi managed to infiltrate the system for an extended period, causing significant financial losses and undermining the trust in the country’s administrative processes.

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About ‘Reporter Ki Diary’ and ‘The Telgi Case’

The book ‘Reporter ki Diary’ presents a gripping account of the 2003 Stamp Paper Scam, one of the largest financial scandals in Indian history. The book chronicles the activities of Telgi’s extensive counterfeit stamp paper operation that spanned across 18 states. Journalist Sanjay Singh, who broke the story while working for the Times of India, provides a firsthand narrative of the scam’s execution and the subsequent efforts to bring Telgi to justice. With its detailed insights into the workings of the scam and the role of media in exposing such crimes, this book is a recommended read for those interested in history, crime, and the power of journalism.

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