Snapchat Dreams: Snapchat Working On New Generative AI Feature!

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  • Snapchat is working on a new Generative AI feature
  • Snapchat MyAI will Snap you back with AI-generated images soon


After introducing the MyAI chatbot in chats, Snapchat is bringing a new generative AI feature called Dreams. 

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With Snapchat Dreams, the MyAI chatbot will now reply back with snaps, not just texts. The Snap back from the chatbot will be AI-generated images. 

TechCrunch says, “Snap will again experiment with AI images — but soon, those images may contain you and your friends in imaginative backgrounds.”

According to an app developer and researcher, Steve Moser, the company is working on allowing users to generate pictures according to the text prompts. The Dreams feature “is a way to use AI-generated selfies to utilise pictures of users in fantastical places and scenarios,” Moser’s research mentioned.

This sounds a lot like the Remini app, which went viral recently for creating professional-looking AI-generated profile pictures for LinkedIn, among its other AI-based features. 

According to the research, Snapchat is also working on a “Dreams with Friends” feature, allowing AI-generated images to feature you and your friend. 

Snapchat is betting big on AI as this new feature seems to be in the direction of allowing users to do more than just talk with a chatbot. We can expect the company to bring more such Generative AI-based features to Snapchat. Whether or not Snapchat plans to hide the upcoming Snapchat Dreams feature behind its premium subscription at the time of launch is unknown.

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