Apple’s new smart ring patent details the future of wearable accessories

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  • Apple won’t be the first to launch a smart ring, but its implementation could be the best yet
  • The company’s new patent talks about how this smart ring could send notifications or interact with nearby devices
  • This smart ring could also have a rotatable outer band, potentially used to scroll content on a larger screen, like a phone

While a large portion of the tech industry’s attention is focused on the rumoured Apple iPhone 15 launch next month, the manufacturer also has a few other devices in their early stages of development. One such device has now popped up courtesy of a patent filing with the USPTO, revealing a potential Apple-branded Smart Ring.

Digging into the details of this patent, named “Ring Input Device With Pressure-Sensitive Input,” talks about a ring-type accessory worn on the finger, capable of responding to user input, such as with a press or touch. As AppleInsider rightly points out, this isn’t the first Apple patent that details a smart ring-type accessory.

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Apple has filed patents for smart rings with multiple modes of functionality, refining each aspect with every new filing. A 2015 patent by the company talked about a smart ring with haptics, voice control and even a camera for good measure.

This new patent talks about how the user could interact with the devices around them, such as smartwatches, earbuds, and “health monitoring devices.” Simply put, Apple wants wearers of this smart ring to be able to control their companion devices. This could range from letting you play music, check the heart rate, or perhaps even activate Siri, among other possible functionalities.

Plus, the ability to control nearby devices

Furthermore, this smart ring could also vibrate when a notification arrives from a paired smartphone. Another cool functionality detailed by Apple is the ring’s ability to help you scroll content on your smartphone by rotating the outer half of the ring/band. In this context, the ring would have a rotatable outer band, while its inner portion would remain firmly attached to the finger.

“In addition, ring input device can also be used to provide inputs to stationary devices such as desktop computers, smart home control and entertainment devices (e.g., turning on a lamp, changing a TV channel), and the like,” the patent filing adds.

It’s still unclear what the end product would look like, but these are some pretty interesting concepts that would fit well within Apple’s existing portfolio of tech products. We’re not expecting to see this smart ring breaking cover anytime soon, but given that Apple won’t be the first to launch a product like this, we suspect the company wouldn’t want to wait too long.

Source: USPTO

Via: AppleInsider

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