YouTube Is Testing Shazam-Like Music Recognition Feature

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  • YouTube is powering up the search function on its platform
  • You can soon search for a music or song with the new Shazam-like music recognition feature
  • You can also start the search by humming

You no longer need to struggle to type in the lyrics you don’t know of a song in a desperate attempt to find it. YouTube will soon let you search for a song by humming.

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YouTube has officially announced that it is starting a new experiment on YouTube as part of YouTube Experiments, which will let users search for a song by humming it or recording a song currently being played. 

If you’re part of the YouTube Experiment, you can search for songs using the music recognition search by turning on the toggle in the voice search option.

YouTube notes that you must play for at least 3 seconds to get a search result with the music recognition feature. This feature is being tested on the YouTube app for Android. The availability of this feature in the iOS app is currently unknown.

Google is no stranger to song recognition. Google Pixel series of phones had an in-built offline song recognition feature since the Pixel 2 series. It is called Now Playing, and it recognizes songs playing in the background and displays them on the always-on display. 

How To Use Music Recognition Feature In YouTube?

Here’s how you can use the music recognition search on YouTube:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Click on the Search button on the top bar. 
  3. Tap on the Mic button to activate voice search.
  4. You will see the toggle for music recognition here. You will not see the toggle if you’re not a part of this testing.
  5. Start humming the song you want to search or play the recording of the song.
  6. If a match is found, you will get search results based on the music you just played.

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