Jio AirFiber service set to launch on September 19

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  • Jio AirFiber service set to launch on September 19th
  • This service promises to offer wireless internet speeds of up to 1Gbps
  • Jio is yet to announce the pricing and data plans of AirFiber

At the 46th annual general meeting (AGM) hosted by Reliance Industries, Chairman Mukesh Ambani made a significant announcement that the company’s Jio AirFiber service will be live on Ganesh Chaturthi, marking its launch on the 19th of September.

What exactly is Jio AirFiber?

Jio AirFiber uses Reliance’s expansive Jio 5G data network, utilizing a sophisticated array of receivers and routers to collect data from the existing 5G towers and seamlessly transmit it to home-based networks.

The mechanism behind this involves the placement of a 5G station, typically installed on rooftops, accompanied by a router placed within the home. The rooftop 5G station acts as a hub, working in tandem with nearby 5G towers to provide an internet connection. The result? Blazing fast broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps, ensuring a robust and lightning-fast internet experience for home users.

This is achieved by the existing Jio Fiber service, which already has over 10 million customers, with a growing number of new connections added each month. With the introduction of Jio AirFiber, Reliance’s ambitious goal is to expand its coverage to a count of over 200 million homes and other establishments.

Jio AirFiber router

The AGM also had the introduction of the Jio Smart Home services, a move that complements the JioFiber and Jio AirFiber technologies. A crucial element of this is the new Jio Set-Top box. Beyond traditional TV channels, this box provides access to streaming content, immersive games, an array of digital applications, and more.

Jio AirFiber Pricing

The company has chosen to keep its cards close to the chest for now, refraining from revealing the pricing and data plans for either the Jio AirFiber or the new set-top box. However, it’s worth noting that a similar service was recently rolled out by Airtel for a monthly fee of Rs 799, accompanied by a returnable router deposit of Rs 2500.

Given these precedents, we think that Jio will align its AirFiber pricing along similar lines. We expect to know more details as the launch date nears.

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