Noise Buds Venus Earbuds Review: Affordable Elegance with Decent Performance

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In the ever-evolving soundscape of audio gadgets, finding the perfect blend of performance and affordability can be a quest. The Noise Buds Venus Earbuds have emerged as a noteworthy contender. Priced at Rs 1,899, these earbuds aim to strike a balance between cost and performance. Offering an array of features without breaking the bank, they bring an accessible option to the table. Available on Amazon,, and Flipkart, these earbuds seek to deliver an enjoyable auditory experience without compromising your wallet. But do they succeed? Find out in our review.

Design and Build Quality


The first glance at the Noise Buds Venus immediately hints at meticulous attention to aesthetics. The matte black variant, which we tested, exudes sophistication. The matte finish feels premium and prevents smudges from polluting the overall look. The build quality follows suit, displaying a robust construction that doesn’t give off a cheap vibe.

Fit and Comfort


A good pair of earbuds is only as good as its fit, and the Noise Buds Venus master this aspect effortlessly. These earbuds nestle into the ears securely, eradicating any concerns of accidental dislodging, even during strenuous activities. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended usage, whether you’re commuting, working out, or indulging in a movie marathon.

Audio Quality

The Noise Buds Venus strikes a pleasing balance in their audio profile. While they may not fully satisfy bass enthusiasts, the soundstage remains far from flat. The audio quality is particularly captivating for movie and show aficionados, where the clarity in dialogues and a decently rounded bass contribute to an engaging experience. The 10mm drivers deliver satisfactory audio dynamics, making the earbuds a worthy companion for diverse multimedia adventures.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

One of the standout features in this price bracket is the inclusion of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). However, temper your expectations here. The ANC on the Noise Buds Venus offers a subtle reduction in ambient noise, but don’t anticipate it rivalling premium offerings. It’s a commendable feat to have ANC in this price range, but it’s advisable to manage expectations accordingly.

Battery Life


Battery life can make or break the user experience for any wireless audio device, and the Noise Buds Venus shine in this department. After using these earbuds for over a week, we’ve found the battery life notably impressive. The Instacharge feature, offering over 100 minutes of playtime with just a 10-minute charge, adds a touch of convenience for those on the go.


The Noise Buds Venus comes with compelling specifications. The USB Type-C charging port ensures faster and versatile charging. With a 10mm driver and BT v5.3 connectivity, they balance sound quality and pairing ease. The IPX5 waterproof rating ensures durability against sweat and splashes. Features like Quad Mic with ENC and HyperSync enhance calling and synchronization.

Final Verdict


The Noise Buds Venus confidently establishes its foothold in the landscape of affordable earbuds. Their appealing design, solid build, and impressive audio quality make them a well-rounded choice. Though the ANC and bass might not be top-tier, these limitations are outweighed by their overall performance. Strong battery life and features like waterproofing and Instacharge add to their appeal. For Rs 1,899, these earbuds make a compelling case for those seeking an affordable blend of style and substance.

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Pricebaba Rating: 8/10

Reasons to buy

  • Elegant Design, Sturdy Build: The Noise Buds Venus impress with a matte finish, while their well-built structure feels premium and reliable.
  • Secure Fit, Lasting Comfort: These earbuds stay put during activities, and their ergonomic design ensures comfortable wear even during extended usage.
  • Balanced Audio for Multimedia: With clear dialogue and decent audio dynamics, they’re great for movies and shows, though bass enthusiasts might want more.
  • Strong Battery Life, Quick Charge: Offering extensive playtime and 2 hours with a 10-minute charge, they keep the music flowing.

Reasons to not buy

  • Limited ANC Impact: While ANC is a plus, don’t expect complete isolation as it only slightly reduces background noise.
  • Moderate Bass: The audio profile includes bass, but heavy bass aficionados might find it somewhat restrained.

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