Handwritten Apple-1 Ad by Steve Jobs Sells for Rs 14,000,000

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  • Steve Jobs’ handwritten Apple-1 ad sells for Rs 14,000,000
  • The ad shows Jobs’ early impact on Apple’s image
  • Written on a plain piece of paper, the ad contains technical details about the computer

Think about Steve Jobs and Apple as a powerful duo in the tech world. Jobs started Apple in 1976 and was in charge until 1985. Although he returned to Apple in 1997 and led the company until his death in 2011, those initial years were financially challenging. However, they laid the foundation for significant ideas. That’s why items from that time are quite valuable and often sold for large sums at auctions. Remember that old iPhone selling for an astounding amount? Well, now there’s something else making headlines – an advertisement for the very first Apple computer, and guess what? Steve Jobs himself wrote it.

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That same note has now been auctioned for over Rs 14,000,000. In Apple’s early days, Steve Jobs had a significant impact. People who worked with him say he was really involved in controlling every little part of product development. Even though he didn’t know much about it, he was in charge of deciding how to present Apple’s products in advertisements.

The advertisement dates back to March 1976, just before the release of the first Apple computer, known as the Apple-1. It’s written on a plain piece of paper and contains technical details about the computer. There’s also a bit of Jobs’ thoughts about what it could do. It starts by stating that the Apple-1 is a complete computer on one circuit board. Then it discusses its features, such as having 8K of RAM, a built-in keyboard, and a way to connect it to a TV.

What’s interesting is that the advertisement also highlights the affordability of the Apple-1. Jobs makes a point to say it’s a real bargain and it’s just the board and a manual – no fancy extras. Selling this advertisement for more than Rs 14,000,000 shows how special it is in the grand story of tech history.

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