Microsoft Brings Bing AI Chatbot To Google Chrome!

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  • Microsoft’s Bing AI chat is now available in Google Chrome
  • You don’t need to install an extension now to use Bing AI chat
  • Here’s everything you need to know


Microsoft is not just limiting the Bing AI chatbot to the Microsoft Edge browser, it is officially launching it to the most popular browser Google Chrome. 


Previously, Bing AI chat wasn’t accessible via any other browser other than Microsoft Edge browser. Now, Microsoft is making it possible to use Bing AI chat on Google Chrome.  

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Microsoft announced the new update via a blog post in Microsoft Bing Blogs. Microsoft says that Bing AI chat will be accessible via Google Chrome for Windows, Linux, and Mac, on the latest stable channel update. You don’t need to install a Chrome extension for it to work, you can just use it via  

Microsoft has also announced three new updates to Microsoft Bing via the blog post. 

Microsoft is bringing Bing Chat Enterprise on Microsoft Edge Mobile. Bing has new search templates for delivering search results, which Microsoft says “avoids content duplication and makes more efficient use of space on the search results page, helping you find answers faster.”

Microsoft has also expanded Bing Chat on the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard. Users can now use Bing Chat for up to 30 turns/day without signing in to the Microsoft account. 

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How To Use Bing AI Chat On Google Chrome? 

Here’s how you can use Bing AI Chat on Google Chrome:

  1. Update Google Chrome to its latest stable channel update. 
  2. Open
  3. Sign in to your Microsoft account if you haven’t done that already. 
  4. Click on the Bing AI chat button on the Bing homepage. 
  5. Bing AI chat will now open, and you can type your prompt in the chat box and get AI-generated responses as replies. 

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