Samsung Introduces Cutting-Edge Food App with AI-Generated Recipes

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  • Samsung’s AI-infused Food app now spans 104 countries
  • The app is now available in eight languages
  • The app draws from Whisk’s culinary database, inheriting its expertise

In recent developments, Samsung has introduced a new application called Food, incorporating the power of artificial intelligence. This app is now available in eight languages and accessible in 104 countries worldwide. It is worth noting that the app’s foundation lies in the culinary database of Whisk, a company acquired by Samsung some time ago. Interestingly, the structure and features of the app closely resemble a version of Whisk that was launched just last year.

The core functionality of Samsung’s Food app enables users to explore recipes originating from different corners of the globe. This exploration is complemented by the ability to bookmark preferred recipes and devise weekly meal plans. Currently, the app boasts an extensive collection of over 1,60,000 recipes, with a commitment to continuously expand this collection over time. Compatibility is a key feature of this innovation, as the Food app is accessible on iOS, Android, and Samsung Family Hub smart appliances. The true prowess of the app lies in its utilisation of AI, which serves to curate personalised meal schedules tailored precisely to individual dietary preferences and favoured culinary genres. The AI-driven assistant works diligently to analyse and standardise recipe formats, subsequently arranging them into comprehensive shopping lists based on required ingredients. The app further extends its utility by offering recipe recommendations based on the user’s existing food inventory.

Personalised Recipes

For individuals adhering to specific dietary restrictions, the app’s “personalise recipe” feature provides the flexibility to adjust recipes to align with vegan or vegetarian preferences. Moreover, users are granted the ability to experiment with fusion recipes by manipulating cooking durations or skill levels as desired. Comprehensive nutritional insights for each ingredient are readily available, empowering users to seamlessly integrate shopping list items with various online retailers. An additional feature, known as the connected cooking aspect, empowers users to exercise control over compatible appliances. This control spans tasks such as preheating ovens, setting timers, and transferring cooking settings through a guided cooking mode.

Looking ahead, Samsung envisions the enrichment of the Food app through upcoming enhancements. Among these is the integration of Samsung Health, facilitating the synchronization of vital metrics including BMI and calorie consumption. Furthermore, Samsung aims to imbue the app with AI vision technology, thereby enabling the identification of foods and the provision of corresponding nutritional information.

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