Apple allegedly working on a low-cost MacBook to compete with Chromebooks

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  • As per a report, Apple could be working on a budget Macbook to compete with Chromebooks
  • This new Macbook could be focused on the education sector with low-cost
  • Apple might announce this laptop sometime in H2 2024

Apple has a strong presence in the professional user segment with its MacBook series, while Google dominates the education sector with Chromebooks. Although Apple has made efforts to compete with its iPad for Education campaigns, it hasn’t achieved significant success in this area.

Affordable Macbook on the cards

According to a report from Digitimes, citing industry sources, Apple is currently developing a new, affordable MacBook series specifically targeting the education sector and aiming to compete with Chromebooks. This laptop will be introduced as a distinct product line separate from the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The report also mentions that Apple’s primary suppliers have not yet initiated manufacturing activities for this project. Given Apple’s typical development cycle of 8 to 10 months from development to mass production, the earliest possible launch date for this laptop would be in the second half of 2024, assuming the project is indeed in progress.

Digitimes anticipates that this budget-friendly MacBook will feature a metal casing and other cost-reducing materials, differentiating it from the current generation of MacBooks.

Will this work?

The success of this lower-cost MacBook and its potential availability in markets beyond the US market remains uncertain. To be competitive with high-end Chromebook models, which typically start at over $700 in most markets, this new laptop would need to significantly undercut the entry-level MacBook model, priced at $999 (Rs 1,14,900). Achieving this task might be challenging for Apple, as entry-level Chromebooks often start at as low as $200 (Rs 19,000).

There are two main concerns regarding the viability of this budget MacBook model and the legitimacy of this report. Firstly, the pricing challenge, and secondly, the risk of cannibalizing Apple’s own products, particularly the iPad lineup.

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