Foxconn and Vedanta Submits Separate Proposals For Chip Manufacturing Units

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  • Foxconn and Vedanta submit separate proposals for chip manufacturing factories. 
  • Foxconn has partnered with STMicroelectronics NV for the venture. 
  • The partner Vedanta has chosen isn’t currently known. 


After falling out of the $19.5 billion chip fabrication factory deal, Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn and Indian natural resources giant Vedanta are going at it again, although separately. 

ET Telecom reports that Vedanta and Foxconn have separately submitted different proposals to the Government of India with their proposed technology partners and details about funding for chip fabrication plants. 

The report says that the Government is currently reviewing the submitted proposals “and is in dialogue with them to tie up the loose ends.” 

Bloomberg reports that Foxconn has partnered with the European company STMicroelectronics NV. This tie-up is aimed at building a 40 nm chip plant. 

The 40nm process suggests that Foxconn is going for a less advanced chip fabrication factory that isn’t used in smartphones. The latest flagship chipsets, such as Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Apple A15 Bionic, and Mediatek Dimensity 9200, are all made on a 4nm fabrication process. More budget phones use chipsets made on a 12 nm fabrication process. The chips made on the 40 nm process are commonly found in chips used in cars, cameras, medical devices, etc. 

Foxconn and Vedanta first announced the joint venture to build semiconductors in the country in September 2022. The JV led to both companies going into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Gujarat to set up the multi-billion dollar chip fabrication factory. 

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