Google Play Protect Gets Real-Time Protection For Unknown Apps

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  • Google adds a new feature to Google Play Protect
  • Play Protect can now scan in real-time for threats from new, unknown apps


Google Play Protect scans for any malware, adware, and more in your phone and protects your device and data. Play Protect is getting a new update that scans any new unknown app in real-time. 

This new update was spotted by Mishaal Rahman, who detailed the new feature in his tweet:

If you install an app from a source other than Play Store, i.e., sideload an app, Play Protect will ask you to submit the app to Google for scanning. 

It is changing as Google Play Protect will soon local real-time analysis of the unknown app. However, it is still not known what or how Google will check for using the new feature. 

These changes are rolling out to Google Play Store version 37.5. It will be updated in the background on your phone, and you’ll soon see the changes on your Play Store and Play Protect. 

Google Play Protect is an essential tool for your Android phone, protecting your device from any threats, especially if you’re into sideloading apps. It protects your devices from apps in and outside of the Play Store. 

Play Protect becoming more proactive is a welcoming change that will enhance the privacy and security of the Android ecosystem. 

Sideloading is an interesting way of getting apps and games on your phone. But at times, your device could get infected with malware or adware if you need to be sure of the authenticity of the source of the app or game. It is also important to note that much adware gets installed on the phones of unsuspecting users by clicking random ads. Real-time protection on Play Protect can bring a solution to this adware and malware problem that has been plaguing Android devices ever since its inception. We hope Google will find a way to improve the situation of adware and malware in Android with new features like these. 


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