New Android Features For Improving Productivity Revealed

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  • Google has announced a set of new features coming to Android
  • Zoom and Webex are coming to Android Auto, so you can attend meetings from your car
  • Here are all the new features coming to Android


Android revealed its new makeover last week, introducing a new logo and identity for the Android brand. Google also revealed some new productivity-focused features coming to all Android devices in a blog post in The Keyword blog by Google.

AI Assistance At Your Side

The AI-powered At-a-glance widget uses AI to bring personalized, helpful information to your home screen. Google has At a Glance widget for some time now; it will now show even more accurate details, thanks to AI. 

Image Q&A on Lookout

The new feature in Lookout lets you generate accurate descriptions for an image you’re viewing, whether it is an image on a group chat, photos, or the camera app. After opening an image, you can type or use voice for questions, for which you will receive AI-generated replies, and you can follow up those questions with more questions as well. Lookout is available as a separate app in the Play Store, which is useful for people with low vision or blindness. 

Productivity On The Go

You can easily save tickets and passes to Google Wallet via the Google Wallet Pass photo import option. You can digitize passes or tickets with a QR code, such as movie tickets, gym cards, library cards, etc. 

Zoom & Webex On Android Auto

You will soon be able to attend meetings while driving your car. Android supports Zoom and Webex apps in Android Auto, which allows you to join audio only in the car. 

Activity and Sleep Data In Personal Routines

Activity and sleep data from Google Fit or Fitbit will be added to your personal Routines. It will enable you to start your day with a little motivation as you can hear more about it by starting the Good Morning Routine by saying, “Hey Google, good morning.”, Google will respond with sleep stats.

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