iPhone 15 might allow users to limit the battery charge

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  • Apple allows users to control battery percentage on the newly launched iPhone 15 series
  • According to the report from 9to5Mac the iPhone 15 will allow you to limit how much the battery charges

Apple has revealed the iPhone 15 lineup with a USB-C port, enabling one cable for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Additionally, a hidden feature, reported by 9to5Mac, allows you to limit your battery charge.

iPhone 15’s new battery charge limit feature 

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In the code of the new iOS 17 RC, which developers got on Tuesday, Apple has added a feature that allows you to set a maximum limit for your battery charge. The feature is said to be situated in the Battery settings menu.

When you deactivate this feature, your iPhone will charge up to 100%. However, with it enabled, your iPhone will only charge to a preset percentage of your choice.

This feature works a bit like “Optimized Battery Charging,” which learns your daily habits to avoid charging the battery past 80% until you usually unplug it. But this new option lets you always limit the charge to a certain level.

Some Android phones, already have a similar feature. Charging a lithium-ion battery to 100% too often can make it wear out faster. So, phone makers add these features to help the battery last longer, even if it means sacrificing some battery life.

Several iPhone 14 Pro users have complained that their battery capacity drops quickly. Maybe that’s the reason the Cupertino Giant is giving more control over iPhone’s battery.

However, do keep in mind that there’s no information about its availability in the latest iPhone 15 lineup. But since it’s in the code and not on iPhone 14 models, it might only work with USB-C iPhones.

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