This is why you need to update your browser now

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  • A new critical vulnerability has been unearthed for browsers and apps
  • All major browsers have issued security patches for the issue


All major web browsers have fixed a major security vulnerability that could give hackers easy access to your computers. Stop what you’re doing and update your browsers right now. 

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According to Stack Diary, a significant vulnerability on the Webp Codec has been identified, and all major web browsers have addressed this issue by rolling out patches. 

Here are the software versions of the browsers that contain the fix:

  • Google Chrome: version 116.0.5846.187 (Mac / Linux); Chrome version 116.0.5845.187/.188 (Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox: 117.0.1; Firefox ESR 102.15.1; Firefox ESR 115.2.1; Thunderbird 102.15.1; Thunderbird 115.2.2
  • Microsoft Edge: version 116.0.1938.81
  • Brave Browser: version 1.57.64

The security vulnerability in question is related to the Webp Codec and has been titled CVE-2023-4863. Webp is the image extension browsers and websites use for efficient image compression, reducing the size of the images on the web. This vulnerability is also called the Webp heap buffer overflow vulnerability. 

“Opening a malicious WebP image could lead to a heap buffer overflow in the content process. We are aware of this issue being exploited in other products in the wild,” Mozilla said about this vulnerability as they released the security patch for the Firefox browser. 

More details about how the exploit remains undisclosed as it could lead to more exploits by hackers on unsuspecting users. 

Not only browsers Webp Codec is used by most apps as well; according to Stack Diary, apps like Affinity, Gimp, LibreOffice, Telegram, and many Android apps, and cross-platform apps built with Flutter are also affected. Apple has released a security patch this week for all their devices for the same issue. 

We will see more and more updates from App developers and software developers for their apps and software soon. Remember to update your apps. 


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