Apple asked employees not to discuss the iPhone 12’s radiation levels: Report

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  • The French government claimed that the iPhone 12’s radiation levels went beyond the permissible limit
  • However, Apple remains adamant that it has conducted all the necessary steps in curbing radiation
  • Other countries in Europe could also follow in the footsteps of France in the future

The Apple iPhone 15 series is finally here, but there have been some troubling developments for the company related to the iPhone 12 series. French authorities recently asked Apple to stop selling iPhone 12 models in the country, citing radiation-related concerns, with fellow European countries also backing France.

Bloomberg is now reporting that Apple has asked all of its employees to remain silent about the iPhone 12 radiation levels. Moreover, the report adds that Apple’s tech support teams have been asked not to give out any details when customers enquire about the phone’s radiation levels, with teams only authorised to say they “have nothing to share.”

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The teams were also encouraged to tell customers that these iPhone models couldn’t be replaced or returned after two weeks of the original purchase date.

Apple’s concerns started when French regulators alleged that the iPhone 12 exceeded the permissible radiation limits. In the meantime, the government has also asked Apple to provide a software update to reduce radiation levels or risk facing a ban in the country.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini

Trouble mounting for Apple?

Apple maintains that the iPhone 12 goes through several phases of testing for radiation. However, this report exposes the company’s internal panic in the midst of these allegations. To make matters worse for the manufacturers, Belgian regulators are already “reviewing” the risks associated with the iPhone 12, while consumer protection groups in Spain and Germany have also raised the issue of the smartphone’s radiation levels.

The company discontinued the iPhone 12 series following the announcement of the iPhone 15 quartet earlier this week. However, the authorities’ primary concern is about the people who already own the iPhone 12 and could be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation without being aware of it.

In some positive news for Apple, the iPhone 15 series and the Apple Watch Series 9 are now up on pre-order, with official availability slated for September 22.

Source: Bloomberg

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