Upcoming Electric Scooters in India (September 2023) – Gogoro 2 Series, Honda Activa Electric, and more

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There has been a significant surge in the electric scooter market lately, with various manufacturers releasing attractive models at different price points. Both established players, such as TVS with their iQube, and new contenders like Ather are competing with their respective advantages and disadvantages. A range of upcoming scooters is set to hit the Indian market, and here’s a list of them.

Top Upcoming Electric Scooters in India

Scooter Name Expected Launch Date Price 
Gogoro 2 Series 2023 Rs. 1.50 Lakh
Honda Activa Electric 2024 Rs 1.10 lakh
Hero Electric AE-29 June 2023 Rs 85000
Hero Electric AE-3 June 2023 Rs 1.50 lakh
Hero Electric AE-47 E-scooter June 2023 Rs 1.25 lakh
Hero Electric AE-75 2023 Rs 80000
Hero Electric AE-8 2023 Rs 70000
Suzuki Burgman Electric 2023 Rs 1.20 Lakh
TVS Creon 2023 Rs 1.20 Lakh

Gogoro 2 Series

Gogoro 2 Series — Ride refined

This two-wheeler comes to us from Gogoro, an HTC subsidiary. You get two colour shades in this – Black and White. You can change the body panels of the scooter like a cell phone cover – allowing for some variety in your life. The scooter is expected to be a nimble performer, and its entry into the market is highly anticipated. The Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus are variations of the original Gogoro, which have been upgraded with a second-generation motor and powertrain. These modifications provide the same power output of 6.4 kW, but with smoother torque and improved control. Riders can choose between two modes – Sport and Smart – to select either increased efficiency and range or higher acceleration and top speed.

However, the company is yet to reveal the exact launch date, and we still have to wait for it.

Expected Launch Date: 2023

Price: Rs 1.50 lakh

Engine Specs: 125cc

Riding Mode: 2

Motor Power: Peak Power of 7kW

Range: 170 km

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Honda Activa Electric
Honda Activa E Electric Bike India Launch Confirmed, Testing Underway

Honda, one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheelers in India, is reportedly working on an electric version of its popular scooter, the Activa. The electric Activa is expected to debut in March 2024, and it has already generated significant buzz among eco-conscious consumers and industry experts alike. Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is rumoured to be developing an electric scooter, which could be launched under the popular Activa brand name. The new electric vehicle is expected to be packed with advanced features, including an electric motor, lithium-ion battery, and regenerative braking.

The electric Activa is expected to come with a range of advanced features, including an electric motor, lithium-ion battery, regenerative braking, and smartphone connectivity. It is expected to be a game-changer in the Indian two-wheeler market, where the demand for eco-friendly vehicles is rapidly increasing.

Expected Launch Date: 2024

Price:  Rs 1.10 lakh

Engine Specs: 109.51 Cc

Riding Mode: 3

Motor Power: 1kW

Range: 95 km

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Hero Electric AE-29
Hero Electric AE-29 Expected Price in India, AE-29 Launch Date, Exclusive Images & Videos

The anticipated launch of the Hero Electric AE-29 in India is set for June 2023, with an expected price range between ₹85,000 to ₹90,000. Other available bikes that share similarities with the AE-29 include the iVOOMi Eco, iVOOMi City, and Odysse Racer. With a plain design and a bunch of features like a fully-digital console, mobile charger, walk and reverse assist, full LED lighting, anti-theft alarm system and Bluetooth, this scooter has a 1kW motor with a 3.5kW battery powering it, giving it a top speed of 55 kmph. You can charge this scooter fully in 4 hours.

Expected Launch Date: June 2023

Price: Rs. 85,000 – Rs. 90,000

Engine Specs: NA

Riding Mode: 2

Motor Power: 1kW

Range: 80 km

Hero Electric AE-3
Hero Electric AE-3 Estimated Price, Launch Date 2022, Images, Range, Charging Time

Unveiled at the Auto Expo 2020, this scooter has a gyroscope-enabled auto balance park feature which helps the scooter stand upright even when it isn’t moving. Other features include a fully-digital instrument cluster, reverse assist, app connectivity, walk assist, and geo-fencing. The Hero AE3 boasts a specialised 250 Watts BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) as its powertrain. This electric motor is powered by a 24 Ah, 48 V battery, providing the scooter with the necessary energy to operate.

The e-bike has an impressive claimed range of 100 km and can reach a top speed of 80 km/h. It takes approximately five hours to fully charge the battery pack. The Hero AE-3 e-bike is equipped with two telescopic forks at the front and features a disc brake on each front wheel for efficient braking.

Expected Launch Date: June 2023

Price: Rs.1.50 lakh

Engine Specs: NA

Riding Mode: 2

Motor Power: 5.5kW

Range: 100 km

Hero Electric AE-75

Hero Electric AE-75 2022 Price in India : Mileage, Images, Review, Specs and More

The Hero Electric AE-75 is a cost-effective electric bike option for those looking for an eco-friendly mode of transportation. With its affordable price tag of Rs 80,000, it provides a great value proposition to customers who want to save on fuel costs in the long run.

Not only does the AE-75 help you save money, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint with its zero-emission powertrain. The bike has a decent range of 80 km/charge, making it ideal for daily commutes within the city.

Expected Launch Date: 2023

Price: Rs. 80000-Rs. 1,25 lakh

Engine Specs: Hub Motor

Riding Mode:  2

Motor Power: NA

Range: 80km 

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Hero Electric AE-8
Hero Electric AE 8 | Affordable electric motor vehicles anticipated to arrive in India next year | BGR.in Photogallery

At the recent Auto Expo, Hero Electric unveiled the AE-8, an exciting new neo-retro electric scooter that will be part of the Trend Series in the company’s portfolio. The AE-8 is expected to launch soon, and it offers an impressive range of 80km on a single charge and can reach a top speed of 25 kmph. The scooter comes equipped with a full-LED headlight that features a halo LED DRL and a full-digital instrument console. Additionally, the front apron has a unique honeycomb design that is backlit in blue, adding to the scooter’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Expected Launch Date: 2023

Price: Rs.70000

Engine Specs: NA

Riding Mode: NA

Motor Power: NA

Range: 80km 

Suzuki Burgman Electric
Suzuki Burgman Electric Scooter India Launch In 2021 - ZigWheels

The petrol Burgman is very popular among commuters, and the electric version is expected to be no different. This scooter will launch in January 2023, and shares a lot with its petrol counterpart. You get the bulbous front apron and a long free-flowing tail section. This scooter has an exclusive blue dual-tone colour scheme. Features include Bluetooth, which allows smartphone pairing. 

Expected Launch Date: 2023

Price: Rs.1.20 lakh

Engine Specs:  110 cc

Riding Mode: 2

Motor Power: 4kW

Range: 60-80 km 

TVS Creon
TVS Creon, Starting Price 1.20 Lakh, Launch Date 2022, Specs, Images, News, Mileage @ ZigWheels

This scooter made its debut at the 2018 Auto Expo. You get a fully digital instrument console, LEDs, and a sharp and angular design. This scooter can do 0-60 kmph in just 5 seconds. You get Bluetooth, multiple riding modes, GPS, cloud connectivity, park assist, safety, geo-fencing and anti-theft features. 

Expected Launch Date:  2023

Price: Rs.1.20 lakh

Engine Specs: NA

Riding Mode: 2

Motor Power: 1200w

Range: 80 km 

The latest news on Electric Scooters:

Affordability – Most people are opting for electric scooters because the running cost is lower than the ones running on petrol. However, the cost of acquisition still remains high. Companies are now working on bringing costs lowers. Ather is the latest to make a mar in this and has recently launched Ather 450X, which costs less than Rs 1 lakh. For more information on this upcoming scooter, read here.

Honda’s aggressive moves – Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India are planning a 10-electric two-wheeler product lineup till 2030. The catch is that their first Electric Scooter may debut in March 2023, but they have chalked out plans for the entire decade. Its lineup also includes a battery-swappable technology electric Scooter. For more details on these plans, you can read the complete report here.


1) Which is the No 1 electric scooter in India? 

The most popular electric scooter in India currently is the Ola S1. 

2) What is the future of electric scooters in India? 

The future for electric scooters looks quite promising. There are a number of manufacturers with their offerings waiting on the horizon. 

3) Is Honda launching an electric scooter in India? 

Yes, Honda is preparing to launch the Activa, amongst other models in India. 

4) What are the top upcoming electric scooters in India? 

Gogoro 2 Series, 2022 Bajaj Chetak , Honda Activa Electric, Hero Electric AE-29

Hero Electric AE-3, Hero Electric AE-75, Hero Electric AE-8, Suzuki Burgman Electric, TVS Creon.

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