Nikon Unveils Z f Mirrorless Camera with EXPEED 7 Engine: Price and Features

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  • Nikon launches its new Z f mirrorless camera in India
  • It comes with a full-frame sensor and EXPEED 7 engine
  • The Nikon Z f is expected to hit the market by mid-October 2023 with a price tag of Rs 1,76,995

Nikon has introduced its latest addition to the mirrorless camera lineup, the Z f. It boasts a full-frame sensor and is powered by the same EXPEED 7 image-processing engine found in Nikon’s flagship models, the Z 9 and Z 8. While we haven’t had hands-on experience with the camera yet, according to the company, the Z f offers advanced video and still photography capabilities, exceptional autofocus (AF) and vibration reduction (VR) performance, and a range of features designed to cater to individual artistic expressions. Here’s everything you need to know about Nikon’s latest mirrorless offering:

Nikon Z f Price and Availability

The Nikon Z f is expected to hit the market by mid-October 2023 with a price tag of Rs 1,76,995.

Nikon Z f Features and Specifications

nikon z f

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According to the company, the Z f enhances video performance, enabling the production of authentic videos and stills. It supports H.265 10-bit in-camera recording and N-Log/HLG recording, allowing for accurate depiction of intricate details in subjects like weddings, portraits, and wildlife. The camera provides up to 125 minutes of 4K UHD/60p video recording, eliminating the need for external recorders. Moreover, it offers 6K oversampling for high-resolution video creation and a Video S mode for auto exposure control with a fixed shutter speed.

A noteworthy addition is the ‘pixel-shift shooting’ feature that captures high-definition images of detailed subjects. This feature enables users to shoot multiple NEF (RAW) files while shifting the image sensor positions using in-camera VR, resulting in high-resolution images with improved colour reproduction and reduced moiré, false colour, and noise.

The Z f is claimed to deliver superior AF performance with a wide range of support for various shooting scenarios. It features 3D-tracking in photo mode and subject-tracking in video mode, making it easy to focus on framing shots without changing settings. The AF can detect human faces as small as 3% in size, even in low-light conditions down to -10 EV.

The EXPEED 7 image processor is said to capture dark scenes with reduced noise, expanding the camera’s usability for night landscapes and indoor portraits.

Enhanced VR performance with 8.0 stops of in-camera Vibration Reduction enables handheld shooting in low-light conditions and long exposures. Focus point VR is claimed to be the world-first feature that suppresses blur near the focus point, providing flexibility in composition.

The Z f also introduces the first Vari-angle monitor in the full-frame/FX-format Z series, making it ideal for overhead, low-angle, or selfie shots. Additionally, it is the first touch-operation camera in the Z series, allowing users to change settings via the touch-operated monitor without taking their eye off the viewfinder.

Furthermore, the Z f comes with a dedicated monochrome selector that offers settings like [Flat Monochrome] and [Deep Tone Monochrome], in addition to the conventional [Monochrome] setting. Users can switch to black and white mode to focus on capturing light and shadows in various scenes.

The camera also features Picture Control and Creative Picture Control functions for both stills and videos, allowing users to express the mood and atmosphere of their subject in real-time. Wedding and portrait photographers can benefit from the new [Rich tone portrait] setting, which preserves skin details while delivering rich tones.

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