BSH Introduces New Front Load Washing Machines for Enhanced Fabric Care

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  • BSH has created a washing machine with top features for consumers in India.
  • It promises to revolutionise fabric care, transforming laundry.

BSH Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of the global industry leader BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, has unveiled a remarkable range of fully automatic All Round Care front load washing machines in India. This introduction underscores Bosch’s dedication to providing inventive solutions that simplify daily tasks and elevate customer lifestyles. 

This has been designed with a deep understanding of Indian consumers, which offers a gentle and effective alternative to handwashing, ensuring impeccable results for various fabrics. They address the needs of India’s fashion-conscious and fabric-savvy consumers by reducing tangles and delivering spotless clothes. The All-Round Care Front Loading Washing Machine boasts industry-leading features that streamline and enhance the laundry process, ensuring top-notch fabric care.

Key Features of BSH front Loading Washing Machine

These washing machines offer specialised wash options, including SuperQuick 15’/30’ and Delicates Wash, guaranteeing excellent results for different fabric types and laundry loads. Program settings with Speed Perfect provide efficient wash cycles, ranging from 38 to 60 minutes.

One standout feature is the Pre-Soak function, which facilitates the removal of tough stains from collars and cuffs through automated soaking, lasting from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the laundry load and fabric type. Soft Care Paddles gently distribute and move clothes, effectively removing stains and dirt without stretching or squeezing fabrics.

The AntiStain Technology automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement, and soaking time to target specific stains and textiles, simplifying stain removal. The Easy Iron Steam Assist program softens and smoothes fabric wrinkles in just 23 minutes, simultaneously accommodating up to five dry items. Moreover, the Steam Cleaning feature ensures a hygienic wash, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and allergens while reducing wrinkles and odours.

The Anti-Tangle feature minimises tangles by up to 50%, preventing damage to clothes during wash cycles, while the all-new AntiWrinkle feature reduces wrinkles by up to 50% without fabric damage. Bosch has also integrated its innovative AntiVibration™ technology into these machines, reducing vibrations for quiet operation and enhancing overall user experience. Additionally, the AI ActiveWater Plus feature dynamically adjusts water capacity based on load size and fabric type, optimising water and energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint of daily laundry activities. VarioPerfect technology improves energy efficiency and reduces washing time.

These products are available in key metro and non-metro cities, supporting BSH’s premiumisation strategy in India and strengthening the company’s market share in the category.

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