Cybersecurity team backtracks on claim of iOS 17 resetting key privacy toggles

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  • A security research-based account on Twitter first brought the issue to light
  • Apple has since issued a statement to 9to5Mac saying that this isn’t meant to happen with the recent update
  • The company has already started rolling out iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.1 for the iPhone 15 series and every other compatible iPhone

Apple iPhone users started picking up the iOS 17 update over a week ago, and while there were issues with battery drain for some, nothing major was reported. However, a cybersecurity-related account on X (formerly Twitter) claimed that some iPhone owners found privacy toggles like Significant Locations and iPhone Analytics turned on following the update, even though it was turned off prior to the update.

However, the account has now posted a retraction tweet deeming this a “rare edge case” while also apologising for publishing the findings and promising to do better in the future. In the meantime, Apple had given out a statement to 9to5Mac saying this isn’t intended behaviour and that the manufacturer remains committed to user privacy.

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Apple starts rolling out iOS 17.0.1

Just as in the days leading up to previous iOS releases, Apple is ready with a bug-fixing update in the form of iOS 17.0.1. Meanwhile, iPhone 15 users should start seeing an update notification for iOS 17.0.2.

There are no major feature inclusions with either update, with its primary purpose being to quash bugs and security vulnerabilities, if any.Β To be clear, Apple mentions on the Settings page that Significant Locations continues to be end-to-end encrypted and that its data cannot be ready by the company.

Moreover, location data is stored locally, which could only be exposed if your iPhone is stolen. This particular setting comes with another layer of user authentication (Face ID/passcode) for added security.

How to disable Signification Locations and iPhone Analytics

Users can find both options hidden within the Settings page. Open the Settings page, followed by Privacy & Security β€” Locations Services β€” System Services (found at the end of the page). You will find a wide range of toggles here, including Significant Locations and iPhone Analytics. If you’ve never heard of these options before, then the toggles are almost certainly on, as it’s enabled by default.

Source: Mysk – X

Via: 9to5Mac

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