ChatGPT now provides real-time answers, unrestricted by its previous September 2021 limit

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  • OpenAI upgrades ChatGPT for real-time responses and current info access
  • Internet browsing in ChatGPT, initially for Plus and enterprise users. However, it will expand soon
  • New voice and image features for versatile ChatGPT interactions

In a notable development, OpenAI has rolled out a substantial upgrade for its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, promising increased utility for users. This update introduces the ability to provide real-time responses and access to the most current information, a notable departure from its prior limitation, which extended only up to data acquired until September 2021.

According to reports, one significant enhancement is the integration of internet browsing capabilities into ChatGPT. Initially, this feature is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and enterprise users, with plans to extend access to all users in the near future. OpenAI announced this feature’s activation through a selector labelled “Browse with Bing” under the GPT-4 model.


Fresh Engagements

It’s important to note that OpenAI emphasises the importance of accuracy in the responses of ChatGPT, setting it apart from other AI platforms. The users are always encouraged to cross-check and verify information received from the chatbot. In addition to the browsing capability, OpenAI has introduced voice and image capabilities for ChatGPT. This advancement enables users to engage in voice conversations with the AI and interact through image-based communication. Users can utilise this feature to discuss landmarks, seek cooking advice based on available ingredients, receive step-by-step recipes, or even obtain math problem hints and explanations. Essentially, ChatGPT is evolving into a versatile virtual assistant, catering to a wide array of user needs.

This update reflects OpenAI’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities of AI-driven conversational agents, making them more valuable and practical tools for users in various domains.

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