No, using a third-party USB-C cable won’t damage your Apple iPhone 15

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  • A retailer in China has given credence to false info that Android or third-party USB-C cables can damage the iPhone 15
  • In reality, the iPhone 15 series is compatible with practically any USB-C cable on the market today
  • Meanwhile, iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max orders will now only ship by November 2023, per the company’s estimates

One of the most significant changes introduced with the Apple iPhone 15 series is the new USB-C port, finally allowing users to easily switch between any of their existing cables for charging or data transfer. However, one retailer in China seemingly hasn’t received the memo on how USB-C works.

A new report on the Chinese publication CNMO details how a retailer has warned customers from using third-party or non-Apple USB-C cables for charging the newly released iPhones. Per the retailer, this could potentially damage or burn their device, per a machine-generated translation.

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Apple iPhone 15 series is compatible with most USB-C cables

The way that USB-C technology is designed ensures that a cable only works when it has determined the right amount of power it can supply to the device. An incompatible USB-C cable, if one exists, would simply not work, meaning there is no exchange of power involved for the device to burn.

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As 91Mobiles elaborates, this appears to be a deliberate attempt to mislead customers, likely in a bid to boost sales of non-Apple USB-C accessories. There’s no doubt that Apple accessories are unreasonably priced no matter where you get them. However, the introduction of the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 means that it can finally support a USB-C charging cable from an Android device without causing any issues to the device.

Apple iPhone 15 shipping woes continue

Of course, trying out an alternative USB-C cable on the iPhone 15 series is only possible if you have the device at hand. Several customers are facing a delay of a month plus in some cases, with the delay being even longer for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and its new Titanium colourways.

This is supposedly due to an increase in demand for the Pro Max model, which has a significantly revamped rear camera system that’s lacking on the iPhone 15 Pro. Supply chain issues cannot be ruled out either, as most new customers are now being given a November 2023 shipping date.

Source: CNMO

Via: 91Mobiles

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