Guess what is the rank of BTS’ V in League of Legends

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  • Kim Taehyung, known as V from BTS, shared a screenshot of his League of Legends rank emblem on Instagram
  • V has achieved the Diamond IV rank, which is a significant accomplishment
  • Through this story, the fans also got to know his League of Legends username – TAEtactic

BTS’s V is soaring high on the success of his first solo album – Layover. The K-pop idol is active on social media and has many records to his credit. He recently shared a screenshot of his League of Legends rank emblem on Instagram, revealing that he had achieved the Diamond IV rank. For those who are unaware of the ranking on this game, we would like to share that this is a notable accomplishment. The Diamond rank represents a competitive tier within the ranked ladder and indicates that players possess a thorough grasp of game mechanics, strategic thinking, and extensive champion knowledge.

Through V’s Instagram post his League of Legends username, “TAEtactic” is also now out in the open. It was no surprise that this username became a trending topic shortly after it was revealed. Fans and gamers congratulated him, expressing pride in his skills in both music and gaming.

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Screenshot by Tae Guide on X

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About League of Legends 

League of Legends, or LoL, is a competitive MOBA game with a large global player base. Players form teams and compete using different champions, each with unique abilities.

The Korean Server Is the Most Challenging

This achievement is particularly noteworthy because the Korean server in League of Legends is widely regarded as the best in the world. The Korean server is the most challenging and competitive among all global servers, attracting top-tier talent and fostering a robust esports culture.

V’s Accomplishment Is a Source of Pride for Fans

It is known that most BTS members love to play games. Jin and V are especially known for their love of video games. In the past too, V has been seen playing PUBG with Army and the videos of the same have gone viral. BTS’s. V’s accomplishment in League of Legends is a source of pride for his fans. It also serves as a reminder that V is a true multi-talent, excelling in music, performance, and gaming.

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