Amazon Ganpath Quiz answers today: Win rewards up to Rs 110

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The Amazon Ganpath Quiz is the second quiz of the day and promotes the upcoming Bollywood movie Ganpath. The contest features five questions about the movie and offers a chance to win rewards up to Rs 110. However, in order to win this prize, you must participate in the contest and answer all the following questions about the quiz.

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Amazon Ganpath Quiz joins other interesting quizzes and contests on the app, such as the Amazon Samsung Galaxy S23 5G Quiz, Amazon Itel P55 5G Quiz, Amazon Tecno Phantom V Flip Quiz, Amazon Samsung Galaxy A54 Quiz, Amazon Nokia G42 5G Quiz, Amazon Special Edition Jackpot Quiz, and others. Click here to play more interesting quizzes by Amazon India.

Amazon Ganpath Quiz answers

  • Answer 1: Hero
  • Answer 2: Tiger Shroff
  • Answer 3: Amitabh Bachchan
  • Answer 4: Kriti Sanon
  • Answer 5: Vikas Bahl

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Amazon Ganpath Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: Complete this subtitle for ‘Ganapath’: A ____ is Born.

Answer: Hero

Question 2: Who stars in the title role of the film ‘Ganapath’?

Answer: Tiger Shroff

Question 3: Which Bollywood legend features in ‘Ganapath’?

Answer: Amitabh Bachchan

Question 4: Who plays Jassi in ‘Ganapath’?

Answer: Kriti Sanon

Question 5: Who is the director of ‘Ganapath’?

Answer: Vikas Bahl

How to find the Amazon Ganpath Quiz?

The Amazon Ganpath Quiz is now visible on the Funzone section of the app. In order to find this quiz, open the Amazon shopping app and go to the “Games For All” subsection. Once you’re there, look for the Amazon Ganpath Quiz and tap on the banner to start the contest. You can also click here to play the quiz directly on your smartphone.

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