Dyson debuts its noise-cancelling headphones with air-purification feature: Price, specs and more

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  • The Dyson Zone headphones will deliver noise-cancellation along with provide clean air
  • It has precision-tuned sound quality for an unmatched listening experience
  • The price for these headphones starts at Rs 59,900

In a significant stride towards innovation, Dyson has introduced its latest offering, the Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones, in the Indian market. What sets them apart from the other products in the category is its feature to provide purified air. This is made possible via a detachable visor, which is used for air purification. After more than five years of intensive research and development, these headphones promise an unparalleled listening experience, featuring key attributes such as an impressive 50 hours of continuous playback, minimal distortion, advanced noise cancellation capabilities, and faithful audio reproduction across the entire audible sound spectrum.

Specifications of Dyson Zone

The headphones are powered by lithium-ion batteries and incorporate a USB-C charging system, delivering up to 50 hours of pristine sound on a single charge, taking only three hours for a complete recharge. Equipped with a total of 11 microphones, including eight dedicated to noise reduction and real-time environmental monitoring, these headphones effectively diminish ambient noise by an impressive 38dB.

To deliver authentic sound encompassing the entire audible frequency range, the headphones autonomously reproduce frequencies spanning from 6Hz to 21kHz, guaranteeing the audibility of every musical note and spoken word. The wide frequency range is achieved through meticulous engineering of electroacoustic components, featuring 40 mm 16-ohm neodymium speakers, complemented by intelligent signal processing that equalises the loudspeaker output an astonishing 48,000 times per second, effectively eradicating harmonic distortion.

Prioritising user comfort, Dyson’s engineers have developed earpads that adapt seamlessly to the contours of any user’s ears, owing to the judicious choice of foam density and headband clamping force. Drawing inspiration from the design of a horse’s saddle, the noise-cancelling headphones evenly distribute weight across the sides of the head, ensuring maximum comfort. Furthermore, these headphones have been meticulously designed to accommodate a diverse range of head shapes from around the world, ensuring an adaptable and comfortable fit for all users.

Dyson Zone Price and Availablity

The company is offering two models in India. The base variant has been priced at Rs 59,900. While the premium model, which is being dubbed Dyson Zone Absolute+ is available for Rs 64,900. The company did not disclose the sale date but these products will be available at Dyson stores and the official website.

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